Monday, January 12, 2009

Day CCCLXXVII and a goal.

Monday morning and I have not been on the scale all weekend, this can sometimes be a curse but I am not too bothered by it. I did go over my calories yesterday by about a bowl of popcorn and a cereal bar, The cereal bar was just a snack around 7pm and then we had the movie "Wanted" so we watched it and a rule that I have, not really a rule but something that I do is that I have popcorn when I watch a movie and not worry about the calories so thats what I did. The movie was ok but nothing to write home about, Angelina was hot as always and the effects were pretty cool so over all it was entertainment for the evening.

I did get my bike upstairs over the weekend and I set up a television in the exercise/rec room with my PS2 hooked up to it so that Wify could play her Yoga DVD's in there and I can play music CD's or pop a movie in while I workout. the weights were brought up stairs as well as all of wifys yoga equipment, I also set up a desk top computer with about 20 gigs of music on it as well as a few movies so I have that as an option for some workout music or to let the kiddos play a game while I get some movement into my days. I am still trying to figure out a paint color/scheme to perk the room up a bit and by some of the comments it looks like a lot of people like green, I am not against green and in fact I have about 2/3 of a can of a color called "frosted pine" which we used in our bedroom but last night after reading my post wify asked "do you really want to paint this room?" Yes I do, is it a priority to get it done right this minute? nah. Perhaps zebra stripes or leopard spots? again nah! but it would be nice to get it done.

Sunday afternoon I was day dreaming and was thinking about how last year at this time I had just begun losing weight and it was around this time that a picture of me was taken outside our house and I remember feeling good about what I was doing, I remember thinking about how it was a task to make sure that I was eating an apple instead of a bag of potato chips and on that day I was eating an apple as I walked my kids to a playground not far from my house and when I say not far I mean 2 blocks, I got to the playground and felt accomplished because I walked instead of staying home and that apple was feeling good too. This year is so much different because that walk is not what I would call a walk at all and to think back at the fact that 2 blocks made me feel like I had a workout is just crazy, lets just say that things have changed for the better, but if you read my blog this is not news!

I would like to break into the 350's this week, and that means that I will have to lose 3 pounds by Friday to do so, and coming off of a 7 pound week I think it will be challenging to get that 3 pounds this week. In all honesty I think I may come close but to actually make it under 360? we shall see. I also have a sort of mini goal to hit 334 pounds because that is the weight that will have dropped 200 pounds! That is only 28 pounds from where I am right now so its not so far off and I think I can hit it within 2 months, so maybe by the end of February. So with this post there was some reflecting, some new goals added and my exercise room is coming together, all in all I would say I am off to a good start this year where my health is concerned.

Thank you for following along with my trip to the half and make sure ya grab that glass of H2O when you are done reading this.

As Ever


  1. RIght on man. Almost under 350? Awesome. Have a great one! *downs 20 ounce glass of water per suggestion*

  2. It's amazing how the workouts that challenged us so much are now pretty much inconsequential.

  3. Way to GOYAAM! (Yep, part of the team, too!)

  4. visualizing three pounds falling off

    dropping by the wayside this week


  5. I didn't care much for Wanted, but I suppose it did it's job of entertaining us, too. Haha!