Thursday, January 8, 2009

The biggest lose....Er, I mean Winner!

The eve of a weigh in has come! I am excited about this fact only because the last couple months have been so crazy and I have not done weigh in posts much. In case you haven't noticed I am in a great place where my weight loss is concerned right now, I am not hungry, I am excited about losing the weight and every tick in a downward direction brings a smile to my face. I am regularly brewing my green tea again, something that hasn't happened in the past few weeks and I am eating on a stricter basis again but I fear that I am starting to sound like a broken record with that part! but hey thats what gets results with weight loss in my humble opinion.

I know that I am forming good habits in my children with my weight loss as well, not a day passes where one or both of my kids doesn't drop to the floor and start banging out push ups as my daughter announces "Daddy yook I'm doing ekercise yike you!" it seems to only egg my son on because well, he has to do more than she does "because she is younger". My daughter even sits on the cross bar on my stationary bike and pedals all the while a huge smile on her face and I can't help but to wonder what they would be doing at that very moment if I was not exercising as much as I do. Would they be saying "look dad I can fit this whole burger into my mouth!" that fact alone makes what I am doing worth it, hopefully my children grow up and understand that food is not recreation and they can stay fit and healthy and will never have to make a blog to help with losing more than 200 pounds. As I relearn how to eat and stay active they learn it from me and that is something that is priceless, I get healthy and they learn how to stay that way thats what they call a win win folks.

Today we have programs on television with groups of 400 pound people relearning how to be fit, we have advertisements on that same television with a red haired clown dancing around trying to convince us that because apples come with the double cheese burger that somehow it is now healthy, and people buy right into that idea, sorry Ronald not this guy. There are so many factors in why someone may be either gaining or has gained weight and we can point the finger in whichever direction that we want to point it in but unless we point at a mirror we're pointing at the wrong reason, I am sorry but its just the truth. A few years ago I can remember sitting in a chair playing a video game, my back sore and it was just one of those days where I was thinking about being a fat dude and I actually convinced myself that because my back hurt that I had a bonafide reason why my ass was planted so firmly in that easy chair, imagine that! the quarter ton fella has a real reason why he is in that chair for the last 5 hours playing a video game while an empty liter of mountain dew lay defeated at his feet and the aroma of cool ranch doritos emanates from his still greasy finger tips, That guy doesn't exist any more, he is gone and so is his crap attitude and bad habits.

Tomorrow I will weigh in and I am down a decent amount from last Friday as of this morning and am very curious to see where I land in the morning. I usually have a light dinner the night before I weigh in but I can't wait for dinner tonight, the freezing rain and sleet has stopped for now so I am grilling chicken breasts out on the grill and having some pinto beans that I made last night with a ham bone on the side with some rice so a light dinner it is not! It is time to hop on up and grab that glass of H2O, I will see ya tomorrow on the scale!

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  1. Good post, I love the part about the kids, it made me think of my then 4 yr old daughter sitting in the recliner with a 1/2 gallon of ice cream between her legs and a tablespoon at 4am in the morning looking guilty. I'm so so thankful those days are gone for both of us. We are teaching our children how to really live now. Way to go, good luck tomorrow at weigh-in.

  2. It's great that you are teaching your kids healthy habits by example. It's part of what drives me too.

  3. I can't quit thinking about how ridiculous I thought 'ole Ronald's television ad not too long ago was glamourizing their choices of milk and apples for their Happy Meals....and how at the end of the ad it said, "McDonald's. An excellent source of....happiness," which is obviously trying to confuse the viewers and make them remember that all of our lives, when something is being advertised as "healthy" in some way or another, it will often be referred to as "an excellent source of..." whatever. Like: "Flax seed. An excellent source of fiber." or whatever.
    Anyway...I love that your children are learning healthy habits from you. That is reason enough for all of us to do better. Lead by example. :)