Friday, January 23, 2009

Weigh in, a weight watchers lawsuit and a couple of pounds gone!

Upon waking I had low expectations for my weigh in, now don't misconstrue that for anything but I didn't think it would be a decent amount. I as per every Friday walked into the bathroom and did my thing then straight to the scale, first time on 355.8lbs flashed across the display and I thought to myself "thats not so bad at all" so onto attempt two and 356.0lbs showed its face so onto number three and 356.0lbs again so it appears that I have a 2 pound loss this week and I will take it! I would say I am off to a good start for the month of January and have lost thirteen pounds since the first. I have lost a total of 178 pounds since starting and I have done it with nothing but determination, willpower and a lot of reading and that in itself is amazing to me. I will have lost 200 pounds 22 pounds from now, say it with me, two hundred pounds! I was carrying that around with me on a daily basis, go ahead pick up a 200 pound barbell lay it across your shoulders and take a walk and that was what I was dealing with when I had to use the bathroom, walk to the kitchen for dinner, walk upstairs to my bedroom every minute of every day that was stuck to my body, every minute and everything that I did it was there. Menial tasks were a chore, and anything past that was a lot of times an impossibility at 534 pounds, if you read this and think that you need to have special pills, or pay for pre-made meal plans to see success I am proof that all you need is the will to do it.

This old Triumph weighs in at 356 pounds which as you know is what I weighed in at this morning.

Hows that for a Halibut! he weighed 178 pounds which of course is what I have lost to date.

Some of these weight loss plans may not always be as they appear, A lawfirm in Washington DC has filed a class action law suit against Applebees restaurant and Weight Watchers for meals served at Applebees on their "Weight Watchers menu" and these are two well known entities in our lives and the consumer is apparently being duped with the Weight Watchers logo and name. their Cajun Lime Tilapia Weight Watchers menu item claims to have six grams of fat, but when tested at Analytical Labs of Boise Idaho 12 grams of fat was the actual fat content that came back from their test. Applebees Garlic Herb Chicken also from the Weight Watchers menu should have six grams of fat, but that came back as having 18 grams of fat when tested, I just saw this on the morning news as I was typing this post out and it really makes a fella think about going out to a restaurant for a meal, I will be interested to see how this plays out.

All the more reason to buy fresh food at local markets rather than eating out and trusting that you are being fed what you are being sold on. I think with weight loss when it is in the amounts that I and many of you reading this have lost comes personal responsibility for what we eat and how we exercise and with that comes the knowledge of how to do both consistently. I think in the past 388 days I have grown in knowledge as I have shrunk in physical size and have relearned a lot of things about myself that had been forgotten with the weight gain and that is a positive side effect of this process that I did not expect. With that another post has come to an end, but fret not! tomorrow is another day and another post shall emerge! I may even give ya an afternoon nugget to nibble on as I am feeling in a mood to write today, keep on keepin on and don't forget that glass of H2O that you deserve for reading along.

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  1. Way to go on the 2 lbs gone, you had a good week.

    About the weight watchers stuff at Applebees I'm glad you posted that. I actually ate there a few weeks ago and I picked the garlic herb chicken for the reason it said "weight watchers" so I thought it would be a better choice. Well let me tell you it was the worst tasting chicken I've ever had. It was so salty I couldn't eat it. Not even my garbage disposal nephew could stomach it. So from here on I will just try to make a decent choice of something I think I will like because evidently things aren't what they seem to be anyway.

    Good luck this week, I need some too *smile*.

  2. Congrats on the steady loss. :) I guess not so unfortunately I've yet to eat at Applebees and have the food be decent, let alone good. I can't say I'm entirely surprised at the findings though. Restaurant portions are rarely suggested servings sizes, I wonder if that plays into the skewed numbers. Anyway, congrats again, and what no challenge this week? It is Friday right? :) I raise my water to you, and chug-a-lug.

  3. Good job on losing 2 more pounds! That is good to know about the Weight Watchers menu at Applebee's. We dine there every so often and I probably would have chosen something off of that menu thinking I was making a healthy choice. Your right, the only way to really know for sure is to buy and prepare your meals yourself.

  4. Great post. And it doesnt surprise me about the whole Weight watchers/Applebees thing either. Restaurants are pure evil. lol. Applebees isn't very good anyway. If Weight Watcher's is legit then they should pull all of their endorsements out of the chain if it turns out to be true as to what is happening.

  5. Great result!

    And to be honest I'm not surprised about the fake calorie counts.

  6. Whenever I eat out at restaurants, I always assume the calories are more than I think. How can they all cook the exact same, anyway? I location may oil their pan more than another = one serves up more fat and calories than the other. You just never can tell with restaurants.

    GREAT NEWS this week! I love pleasant surprises! I know you do, too!

    Enjoy that cupcake with your steak dinner this weekend. :)

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