Friday, January 9, 2009

Weighing in! Its a doozy! and a porn star!

We have arrived at my first official weigh in of 2009 and I will admit that I am almost giddy because of what the scale told me this morning. When I weighed in last Friday I weighed 369.8 pounds and lets just say that I was less than giddy about that but not quite disappointed. I did everything right this week where my intake is concerned and the scale agrees with me this morning, first time on the scale said 362.6 lbs which as you know is lower than my lowest recorded weight, so onto number two and the scale read 362.4 lbs, even better! and onto number three, 362.6 again and with that I have a 7.2 pound loss this week! yes you read that correctly folks 7.2 pounds less of me today and my lowest weight since starting on this path to better health.

The drop this week puts me ahead of schedule with reaching my goal of being under 300 pounds but that doesn't mean that I will let up at all, in fact it means that I will get even more strict and try and step it up a bit because when you see a seven pound loss in a week it just proves that hard work pays off. I feel like I am back to a point where positive numbers are back on the table because I am actually lighter than I have been since starting, but now I am repeating myself, yep I sure am! Here for the first time in a while are some things that weigh the same as me, as much as I have lost and as much as what I have left to lose until my goal weight.

This old Triumph weighs in at 362 pounds just like Yours truly.

This here 97 street magic II weighs in at 172 pounds which of course is what I have lost so far.

and finally I have 87 pounds left to lose to get to my goal weight and this is Lela Star, yeah shes a porn star and she weighs 87 pounds, so I have to lose one porn star to hit my goal.

I am feeling good about the weigh in this morning as you can probably imagine and the plan is to keep the plan going. Yesterday I got in some exercise in the way of chipping 2 inches of ice off of our entire driveway and clearing it away and I mean every inch of the driveway! did I mention that the driveway is about 70 feet long and on a hill? yeah it was fun! I hope you can sense my sarcasm with that last sentence, but seriously it was a good hour and 15 minutes of movement so it just helped me along with the weight loss. I have some green tea brewing in the kitchen as I type this and we are expecting 10 inches of snow tomorrow so it would appear that I will have some more exercise in store this weekend whether I want it or not.

That concludes this message from the emergency broadcast system, tune in later for more information on the very large man and to see how he is doing, also we would like to remind you to get up off of that rump and grab a glass of H2O, drink it down and then bask in your hydration.

That is all.

As Ever


  1. Wow I am the first to comment today!! Congratulations and once again you show me why you are my weightloss mentor!

  2. Ooh, one Lela Star to go - good news is she's easy! I wish you great success Mr. Meatball.

  3. Only one pornstar left to lose! Hell Yes! Sadly I think I have 2 to lose, and they're both Ron Jeremy.

    Congrats on the weight loss man! 7 pounds at your weight - I'm telling you I SO want to be able to still pull that off at that point. You're doing amazing. Thanks for all the inspiration. Have a great one!

  4. I keep wondering how you find out how much stuff weighs. Is there some special website that says find the weight of a porn star? lol

    I have 47 lbs to go, what weighs that much?

    Way to go on the 7 lbs, that is just great.

    Stages of change, I can't stop laughing over that one lol.

  5. I just found your blog today and wow, you're amazingly inspirational! I only had 90 lbs to lose (from what I weighed the day I gave birth) and I'm down 50 - but now it's starting to be a struggle. Major props for everything you've accomplished so far!

  6. Roder and Stages of Change comments totally cracked me up! LOL!!! Good ones, guys.
    Leave it to you to post a picture of a pornstar!! Why not a picture of a small child or a German Sheppard?! LOL! Anywho...whatever you wanna call it, you're so close to your goal and that is SO cool!
    Now....let's see that X-rated bell pepper pic again...

    Anyway, I should say WAY TO GO, and keep up the GREAT WORK. You are doing awesome!! :)

  7. I too, am a work in progress. With so much weight to lose, it is often discouraging.

    You are a huge inspiration. Thanks for having the courage to post your journey.

    (Enjoy your Friday challenge!)