Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 367, wow how time flies.

Two days into Year two and I feel like a completely different person than when I started, but then again I guess I am so it shouldn't be a surprise. I have been thinking about this goal that I have set for myself and hitting that 275 pound mark, this year I should be able to get there I think. I have 94 pounds to lose to get to 275 pounds and the fact that I have lost so much already and still have nearly 100 pounds left to go is a bit daunting but I know it will happen. To get to that goal I will need to lose 1.8 pounds per week to hit the goal by Jan1st 2009 but I have a feeling I will get there sooner, especially as I am so close that I can taste it and the fact that I am so much lighter than last year means that I can up the exercise which means, well you know, that I will. Living in a rural area instead of in a city will be a challenge I think as far as my walks go, where I live now I pretty much have one or two routes that I can walk on if I want to go for a walk and that can get pretty boring I think where as in the city I just take a different route or direction and it can be a different walk every time. The good thing about where I am located now is that the area behind our home is wooded and apparently a pretty decent sized area so I can turn my walks into a sort of walk/hike instead of just a walk so hopefully that takes away from the less routes to walk on and adds some variety. I also have a lake to swim in at my leisure now so I can hone my swimming skills, if you want to call what I have now swimming skills, as well as get some good cardio in that way come summer so there are options.

Last year I posted 319 times, thats 319 attempts at being accountable for my weight via posting for the world to see what I was doing about it. Last year at this time I was scouring the net for weight loss websites and forums and I joined a ton of them and literally read about peoples stories for hours on end, well nothing has changed much in that years time in that respect, I still read just about anything I can get into view about weight loss today and I apply what seems like it will work and if it doesn't I move on and if it does it gets added into my battery as an option. Last year at this time I was scared about my health and thinking about getting a surgery to rectify the situation, this year I am 165 pounds lighter and the knowledge about losing weight that I have logged into my brain is unmeasurable at this point. I have proven to myself that I could accomplish the loss of weight with good old fashioned hard work and a bit of discipline rather than a life altering surgery and for that I feel good.

This is a suit jacket of mine and I apologize for the lack of detail in it, it came out dark, I wore this to many a wedding and I was measured for this jacket when I bought it and if I am not mistaken it is a 72 , yes thats right I said 72! but like I said I could be mistaken lol, Anyways I tried this jacket on a few days ago and after seeing how much room there was inside I asked Wify to come on over and she wrapped her arms around me (all the way around now a days I might add) and I buttoned the jacket behind her, yep thats right we were both inside the jacket and it was buttoned! talk about insane! I pleaded with her to take a photo to post up here on my blog but she declined so I will attempt to get her to let me get one to post at a later time.

In the spirit of starting the year off with a fresh number and today being Friday I weighed myself this morning, the number that flashed across the display was 369.6 pounds. That weight is just about exactly 6 pounds more than my lowest recorded weight which was just before Thanksgiving and just last week I was 7 pounds more than the 369 that was there today. The last week or 3 have been bad for me as far as my eating and counting calories goes and we had an issue with our well water in the new house that kept me from drinking as much water as I usually do so I was dehydrated to boot but thats all squared away now and for the last 6 days I have been staying within my caloric allowance and re-hydrating myself so I am back into a groove. I have also done nothing in the way of exercise besides shoveling the driveway, we have had 2 pretty good sized storms that dropped a good amount of snow each time so that has kept me busy and then lots of house work stuff like building shelves and carrying/unloading boxes etc which I know is movement and I know it burns calories but it is not really what I would call cardio, so I will resume movement this week and plan on riding my bike today at some point to kick start the exercise again.

All in all its just another day in the life of a once giant now large fella, I want to be under 300 pounds by the end of June of this year which is ambitious but hey thats how I do things around here. That means I will need to lose 69 pounds in 6 months or an average of 2.76 pounds per week until then, not too bad yet still a challenge. I also want to start strength training when I get that 300 mark as I know that I have lost some mass during this process but I knew that would happen so I am not worried about it. So the plan stays as is, I will get to my goal of 275 pounds this year and I will continue to make health a priority in my life it cannot be said any more simply than that.

Grab that H2O and know that your body will thank you for it.

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  1. I love that Jacket! Save it for when you are at your goal.

    I've got a picture of me fitting into 1 of the pant legs of some of my former pants.

    Very cool!

  2. Aw, c'mon, wify! Let him take a picture of the two of you in that jacket!! ;)

    69 pounds by the end of June? If anybody could do it, YOU can do it! :)

    I hope to drop 20 by the end of May! So.....let's get to work.

    I'm having 20 ounces right it's your turn! Ready, get set.....GO!