Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Sloppy Joes Oh My!

Last night I was watching The biggest loser and having a conversation with my wife about our weight loss to date and how she was out of green tea and that I needed to make her more for the am, so I will use her to make a point. She said to me that since she started back on a more strict intake level and started the green tea that she feels more hungry during the day for the past couple of days and then she said "I ate a whole pack of bubble gum today between breakfast and coming home from work" I laughed and told her that it was going into the post for today! I think its the perfect example of empty calories and is probably why a large part of the people that try to lose weight have issues doing so. She also mentioned that she has been eating animal crackers at work, animal crackers? so now we are getting to the root of the problem here, bubble gum and animal crackers does not a good meal plan make, so She has decided to make pre-portioned baggies of popcorn to bring to work so that when that urge to munch comes up she has something to grab instead of bubble gum or animal crackers, this is something that She and I did when we first began our weight loss. That brings me to the next point, the hunger that she and many others that eat like that have as a result, eating animal crackers and bubble gum or things like that pile on the calories and then when dinner time or lunch time comes around calories are limited and tiny portions are eaten because the calories were already wasted on the sugary snacks earlier in the day. The sugary snacks have another side effect, they boost you up higher than you actually are for a short time and then you crash and burn when the sugar rush goes away.

Indeed Jillian is a tad hot, dare I say I have a crush?!

Last night I tried something a little bit different for dinner, I used ground turkey and made sloppy joes with 80 calorie hamburger buns from Stop & Shop, my daughter has been picky with dinners lately and says that she doesn't eat chicken any more (which means chicken and turkey), She is age 3 and is saying things like that! I am doomed when she becomes a teenager! so with a little bit of daddy trickery ground turkey got turned into a meal that she had no clue what it was and she ate her entire sandwich! I learned that this is a good low calorie alternative to Turkey burgers an already low calorie meal, and I have not had sloppy joes in quite some time, each sandwich had about (and I say about because I estimated the calories of the tomato paste) 205 calories, broken down like this. 2 eighty calorie hamburger buns 160 calories, 5.5 oz ground turkey (which included the tomato paste so it was actually less than 5.5oz of meat but I counted it as 5.5 whole oz of turkey) 220 calories, The tomato paste said 30 calories per serving and there were approximately 5 servings in the small can, I guessed one serving in my 5.5 oz of meat so 30 more calories there for a total of about 205 calories per sandwich, now that ain't bad at all! I think this will be added to my meals again and I think it shows that with a little bit of thinking things out people can eat things that may seem bad for them and not have the negative side effect of gaining weight. The fact that we use less also means that there was left over mix and will be lunch fr me today so money will be saved as well and in todays economy thats always a plus.

My intake for Tuesday ended up at 1630 calories and I did get a 25 minute ride on my stationary bike into the day and I think thats a good day where my weight loss goes. I always seem to do good on Tuesdays and I don't know if its because Monday is gone and I am looking at my program closer, or if its because its The biggest loser night but I always wake up Wednesday morning feeling good about the menu and movement that was done. Maybe its the way Jillian screams at the people on that show to get them moving that gets me, I do know that when I start going to a Gym to do weight training (when I am closer to 300 pounds) if I decide to try out a trainer or something I hope that I find someone like Jillian from TBL because I already push myself so whoever does the pushing in my direction HAS to be aggressive, I am too stubborn to quit or not try to prove someone wrong when they say "you can't do that". All in all I feel as if I am on track and doing well with my new healthy ways, My endurance is up to levels that I cannot even remember having and I feel like I have tons of energy most of the time. I hope to start walking again soon but the snow has to stop before I can really do that, yes it is snowing again here in beautiful New England and it is suppose to turn to freezing rain later then into and I quote the man in the plastic box "the ice will be as thick and hard as concrete" so it is my bike until the snow stops.

The end has come to another post and I am that much stronger mentally and stronger physically because of the movement that I put in yesterday. Thank you for reading along and don't forget to get on up and grab that glass of H2O that ya deserve.

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  1. Those sloppy joes sound really good! I never think to make them but now that you posted about it, I think I will have to!

    Also, I think I have a girl crush on Jillian! I love her on the TBL!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  2. Good luck to you also!! What a fantastic job you have done so far!! Wow something to really be proud of.

  3. Being new to my weight loss journey, I can honestly say that I have never tried ground turkey meat in any meal. It just never sounded good to me. However, putting it in sloppy joes sounds like a great idea! I think I will give it a try...thanks.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are doing A-mazing! Such an inspiration!

    Love your sloppy joes! I'll have to try that.

    Also, love that you are a stay-at-home dad! Being a stay-at-home mom, I know how hard it is to be around food all day with the kids. Kudos to you for your wonderful success!