Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A picture and a late night double post.

I took a couple pictures of myself tonight and just had to share, when I started this weight loss thang I initially said to myself that I wanted to drop 100 pounds and had no clue how that would look on me because I didn't even know exactly what I weighed on day one. Here I am 178 plus pounds lighter than just over a year ago and I am honestly humbled by what I have accomplished, I never thought that I would be 178 pounds lighter in the time frame that I have done this in. I still look in the mirror and see that other guy that was lumbering along struggling to make it up the 4 stairs that was on his front porch all while carrying a sack of cheese burgers from McNasty or an extra large double bacon pizza (yeah I have actually ordered an extra large double bacon pizza!) but tonight I decided I would take a picture or two to photoshop into a compare shot and I actually just sat here and stared at it for a minute or 3 when I was done. You see these "before and after" pictures and sometimes ya gotta wonder if they are real and then you see some and they are just insanely awesome in the differences and when I saw the photo below I Know that I have made HUGE changes in myself and I think it looks significantly different enough that if it wasn't me I might doubt it was real!

That first picture was taken on Dec 29th 2007 and I can remember the day like it was yesterday, it had snowed and we brought the kids out to play in our back yard and I am actually holding my daughter in this picture but I cropped her out, but I can remember thinking "take the picture take the picture take the picture" as my wife was shooting it because my back was starting to tighten up. I was in a frame of mind at that point which said that if I was to lose this weight a surgery would be how it happened and it was literally 2 days before I started this blog and my new lifestyle. That second picture was taken tonight, Jan 28th 2009 just 393 days later and I honestly don't recognize that guy from Dec any more, and he is not allowed back here so I don't think I will be reacquainting myself with him any time soon.

That ends this late edition of as the fat guy turns, I just HAD to share this photo with you all, thanks for reading along and if this picture doesn't prove that it can be done on willpower and drive alone I don't know what can.

As Ever


  1. Wow!! My jaw dropped open in amazement! All of your features were hidden in the first picture. Now you can see your blue eye's and face. You can see YOU now!

    It is amazing at the difference! Wow! You really must be so very proud. I know your wife and kids must be so proud of you.

    Ohhh! Which leads me to a question. What does your kids think of you now compared to then? How does your weight loss effect them? Do they remember you at the heavier weight? I would love to know what they must be thinking!

  2. That is mighty impressive! There is no way I would have siad they are the same person. You have done an incredible job.

  3. wow.
    my jaw dropped as well.

    Thanks so much for sharing as Ive not seen the 'before & after'

    impressive and inspiring.

  4. Just amazing. Simply awesome. Huge well done.

  5. Absolutely FABULOUS!! Good for you...very inspiring..look at those beautiful eyes gleaming in that after pic!What a difference! Way to go!! Keep it up!!!