Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weight loss is easy once you realize this fact, just ask the little piggy

This little piggy went to market, This little piggy stayed home, This little piggy had roast beef and this little piggy had none, This little piggy cried weee weee weee all the way home. There is something profound about that children's rhyme, five pigs all doing something completely different and yet they all share a foot, many things in life are viewed differently from different points of view and yet can be exactly the same or completely different all at the same time. On the one hand, or should I say foot, that first little piggy went to market and that could mean a couple different things. Perhaps this piggy is going to market to get more roast beef for the second pig, or maybe it means that the poor swine is going to market to be sold to feed the second cow in whatever song the cows sing to their children, who knows? and then there is the one eating the roast beef, now that one is just a tad creepy if the pig shares space with the cows on a farm and that would just be plain old torture for the poor cows watching the horror, or maybe that pig lives near the casinos and eats the left over buffet food I am not sure. Then what about the little piggy that had none? is he Vegan? maybe a vegetarian? or perhaps hes not into cow torture and the little piggy thats crying weee weee weee all the way home whats his issues? was he with the first pig that went to market and he knows whats in store for good ol Wilbur, or maybe he just enjoys a good run through town. You may be asking yourself what the hell was in Mister Meatballs Kool-aid this morning and honestly I just started typing but I guess the point is that we can all be in the same place and perceive something completely different even though we are looking and listening to the same exact thing.

Some people look at weight loss as a bad thing, or difficult, perhaps its how you look at it that dictates whether it will be something that will drive one insane or bring them to the top of the hill to wear that crown. I see it like this, I was 534 pounds once upon a time ago in a galaxy far far away and I can honestly say looking back I was not happy at that weight, I was missing out on things that a normal sized person takes for granted and I was feeling bad about just about everything. Now that I am down more than 165 pounds (you will have to wait for Friday to see just how much) life is more fun, there are very obvious differences in my life currently and all for the better and the only thing that really changed is the way that I perceive things. I look at this healthy lifestyle that I am on in a positive light on every level, I mean C'mon look at it this way for breakfast this morning I had 2 Multi-grain english muffins topped with French onion cheese, Turkey pepperoni and sliced tomato and on the side I sliced up a dill pickle and had a big glass of Green tea with it, that my friends is an awesome breakfast that filled me right up and it was good for me to boot. A year and a half ago my breakfast would be a half of a box of cereal with a quart of milk followed by a couple hand fulls of cheese doodles (yeah seriously) and lunch would have been equally large and bad for me and I was ok with that at the time, right now the thought of eating that for breakfast seems foreign to me and honestly unreal. I look forward to taking walks now and I look for physical work and activity to get myself all tied up in and its because I see it as a chance to help someone shovel a driveway or build a shelf instead of seeing it as "having to move" when I don't have to. I guess what I am saying is why not look for the positive in something instead of focusing on the negative? Food is nothing more than Fuel and nourishment for an engine that we call a body and when we make food recreational instead of treating it as something that is needed to keep our bodies going is when we see 534 pound guys walking around. Change the way you view food and diets and it gets easy and I say that confidently and treat it as fact because I have proven that it is.

Today is Sunday and it is as good a day to begin a well rounded nutritionally balanced eating regimen, tomorrow toss in some movement and waddaya know! you are doing it, thats right that is all it takes to lose weight! when you get done with today rinse and repeat tomorrow so on and so fourth and before you know it you can drop 165 plus pounds and feel better for your efforts. The bottom line is that we choose what we eat and whether or not we will exercise and the same goes for how we view these things, and this little piggy chooses to look at in the positive light and keep on keepin on with the healthy way. Focus on the negative and guess what? You will see only the negatives of the situation, ask yourself do you really need to eat all of that? is the 15 minutes of cardio really too much time out of your busy day of sitting on the couch to get up and just do it? if you want to lose weight you will do it and if you don't want to you will not, pretty simple eh?

Thanks for following along an remember kids its all how you look at it.

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  1. Just looking around for some motivation today, not feeling too good about my journey -- you are doing great things and really have done great this past year. You are such a motivation!

  2. Damn man, everytime I read your blog I'm inspired.

    It IS, so completly, about about perspective. I, as so many people do and have, never understood how much power I was squandering my not taking control of how I looked at things.

    Excellent reminder. Here's to a great week!

  3. I say it every post but you are SUCH an amazing have me nodding and shouting YES! every.time.

  4. i am so trying to work on the way i see food, exercise and dieting. it shouldn't be the enemy. well said.

    now pass the kool-aid :)

  5. I enjoyed reading your post. Note to self: For a nice big dose of reality, read Mr. Meatball's blog.

  6. I loved this post! You are absolutely right, we all need to just DO pondering or making excuses. Every step in the right direction will eventually take you to where you want to be. Thanks for the laughs.