Monday, June 30, 2008

The last day of June has come, 6 months into this weight loss thang.

Today is the half way point of my first year of eating well, I have to admit that I did not think it would happen this fast or with this much success. once upon a time there was this fellow that could not take a walk with his Wife, father and kids to go see a broken bridge and a waterfall, that man got tired of life passing him by while he made excuse after excuse as to why he was not going somewhere or doing something, "no thanks honey I will stay here and read, you go ahead and take the kids to the movies" because the seats just were not comfortable and pride would not let that be admitted, or the late night cell phone call "Hey honey I am stopping at Del Taco do ya want anything?" meanwhile buying two extra cheeseburgers to eat on the way home on top of what ever way too fattening meal was bought to eat when he got home, and if my wife reads this (which I know she does) it will be the first time that I ever admitted to the extra burgers and she will be learning something that I use to do right here. I don't like that guy, he is not me and I really don't understand how he ever existed. He is gone now, He will never be back, He is a ghost and a mere short chapter in a long book of one mans life and I ain't goin back to that, not now, not ever.

onto the intake for Sunday, 1401 was the magic number for the day I went over goal by 1 calorie, but its ok because my limit is 1500, I am eating 1400 calories per day this week to make up for the rum cake that I had on my birthday so I am not worried about going over, only a psychotic would be bothered by a 1 calorie miss and though I have my moments that ain't me. I am also shooting for 100 push ups per day this whole week as a sort of challenge to myself, it is not a hard challenge at all and I do modified push ups part of the time it is still more than I usually do in a day, my normal amount is 50-70 so its up by 30-50 extra per day for this whole week. I am also doing some light weights again along with my stretches, I am a little worried about losing too much muscle mass during this whole weight loss thing so I have to do something to keep it on my body. I know that I will lose some muscle mass because I am losing weight in large quantities and as soon as I get to my goal weight I will focus on lifting for mass again but the loss of the weight is priority one right now and will remain at 80% of my full focus until my goal of 275 is reached, I honestly feel like 275 is ambitious and a good healthy weight for me will be closer to 300 lbs.

Here is my menu from Sunday



9:30 AM
2 80 calorie rolls 160
2 eggs 140
1 tbsp miracle whip 35

10:00 AM
2oz watermelon 17

2:00 PM
1 can of soup 120
1/2 cup white rice 100

6:00 PM
8oz ground turkey 320
2 80 calorie rolls 160
3/4 cup rice pilaf 165
1 cup cut green beans 45
condiments 20

10:15 PM
6 ritz crackers 84
1 wedge of laughing cow 35

Grand total of 1401 calories and dats dat. I believe my 412 pound weigh in from Friday was partially dehydration because I have been up from that weight since Saturday (by a pound and a half) and I know that I had not eaten enough to actually gain weight over night and to have the weight never come back down throughout the weekend makes me think I was dehydrated for the weigh in. either way I will be lower than last weeks weigh in this Friday because thats just how I get down. Thank you for taking the time to read my page, it is very much appreciated. Keep on keepin on and eat well.

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  1. You're on fire! I found your blog thru the HYC page. I admire your determination and commitment. I left a little something for you on my blog today. I hope you like it!