Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day...yeah its another day

Things are just things and thats the way it is, huh? whachoo talkin bout Willis? you heard me, theres nothing you can do except what you need to do so stop whining and do it. hmmm yeah thats what I think so thats how it will be, and nothing you can say will stop that from happening, and the band plays on. peculiar don't you think? when a person talks to himself? even more so because its on a blog, but anyways when I started this entry I was feeling random and now that its all sorted out lets get on with the day. Wednesday was a decent day intake wise ending the day at 1433 calories but I don't feel as if I ever recouped completely from two weekends ago when I had a few Blue moons at my Mother in laws house. I did drop four pounds that week so all was well and here we are on the eve of another "weigh in day" and I weigh the same as I did last Friday and more than I did on Sunday, I guess a week with no gain is a good week but a week with a loss is a better week no? I honestly feel like I have slacked a bit this week with the going to Dairy queen, not once but twice, and I had late night popcorn while watching a movie and said morsels of air popped goodness did bring me above calories for that day, then there is the zero exercise because of my back pain which cannot be helping the cause one bit, but is it because of the pain that I have not added movement to my day? or did a chance to have a bona fide "excuse" arise and I snatched at it like a child would at free candy? (ok I am back to test the theory I got up and did three sets of fifteen push ups and I did not explode or anything) any one of these things surely would not cause any ill effect, but all of them together? it would appear so since I weigh the same as I did a week ago.

With all of that said, I took a look at my food consumption for the week and I notice two things, my bread intake was way up this week, and the second, besides the watermelon my fruit consumption was way low, ok to remedy this I just got up and grabbed a pear from the fridge and I was going to make an egg salad sandwich for lunch, we shall change that to soup. and dinner is English muffin Pizza's and theres nothing I can (or will) do to change that, its a treat for my daughter who has been begging for pizza for a week. Ok now that I have analyzed myself a bit the plan for the rest of this week and the entire of next week will be to eat more fruit, move more and NO Dairy queen! sorry honey you will have to deal with it since were doing this together, and yet why? its me that can't have it right? see now thats what I am talking about! but even with that said, No DQ sweet heart.

With all of that said, I am actually still doing great and don't feel like I messed up this week at all really, my back does honestly hurt currently, and when you have had an injury as long as I have you learn not to jump right back in as soon as the pain subsides so I get a pass there. the Dairy queen was within my calorie allowance each day so I get a pass there as well. The late night popcorn which was over my caloric limit? guilty as charged sir, but is that why I am seeing a breaking even number on the Thursday before weigh in? likely not. I believe it is just one of those weeks for me where the weight loss is slacking off a bit and I will try and regroup and have a huge loss next week, beating my body into submission, after all it is me that looks back at me when I am in front of a mirror right? and thats the very same fella that makes the decisions. I guess its a matter of perspective, on one hand I can say "wow I really slacked off with that ice cream, popcorn and I really could have done more exercise this week", or I could say something like "wow even though I hurt my back I moved a much as possible while maintaining safe movements to save my back and the DQ was within my intake allowance and the popcorn makes up for the low days that I had this week" so it really does make a difference on how you look at things. I tend to look at things in neither of those lights, I tend to look at thing as a whole, was it the best week possible? nope, could it have been worse? yep but thats neither here nor there, I ate too much bread, even though it was within calorie range, not enough fruit, and did not get in enough movement, and thats the bottom line. OR I could just be having a weird week as far a my body goes, who knows? I surely don't all I can do is respond how I always do, keep on keepin on and change things up a bit to make my body guess whats going to happen next, besides, for all I know there could be a ship on the dock and bamn! a 2-3 pound loss could show up in the am, now am I expecting that? nope, but it could happen.

With all of the above said, please please understand that I am in no way negative about today, I am in no way anything but in a good mood and business as usual on this fine Thursday. this post sort of turned out written in the way that my thinking processes go, so welcome to my head. and here is the menu for Wednesday.


8:30 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

12:00 PM
22oz watermelon 198

3:00 PM
1 can progresso soup 120
3/4 cup white rice 150

6:00 PM
8oz ground turkey 340
2 80 calorie rolls 160
6oz sweet potato fries 150
condiments 30

8:00 PM
1 pear 85

Grand total of 1433 calories for the day. I have written enough today, there you have it, still going strong, and the keep on keepin on will never stop. Thank you for reading along.

As Ever

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  1. Hahaha, "ship on the dock could result in a 2-3 pound loss", that made me laugh pretty hard when I read it, once I got it. It was good to read your blog, I'm glad I linked over. It's also good to see somebody who talks to themselves in the same way and with apparently the same frequency that I do. Keep on keeping on, that's what I say too. And keep up the good work.