Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 170

Another day gone and another pound down, hopefully. Last time we met Batman was heading off to a lake in an attempt to rid the planet of some slimy villains known only as Rainbow trout! unfortunately for all involved no trout were caught so a recipe will have to wait until there are actual trout involved, thunder cut our trip to the lake short but I am planning on another trip this weekend so maybe a trout recipe will surface soon enough. The intake for the one hundred and seventieth day was lower than normal and for no good reason, just sort of ended up low. I ended up eating some cheese and crackers late in the day to make up some of the calories, we stopped at a grocery store earlier in the evening and bought some of that laughing cow cheese finally, I had been wanting to try it out, I have to say I am a believer! this stuff is good! I bought some of the light French onion and had it on ritz crackers and the little wedges of goodness will be added to the menu from here on out, I cannot believe I waited this long to try these tiny foil wrapped pieces of cheesy awesomeness until now! either way we have found one another and can now have a long relationship made of win from here on out.

while at the lake I did get some walking in, it was not too far (a mile at most) but it was walked fast and up hill half of the time, I did find out that the tables have been turned on my walking speed because while we were walking to the far side of the lake through the trail my son was having a time keeping up with me and I found myself having to slow down or just plain old wait for him to catch up a bit as we were walking through the woods. He is a very normal very able 9 year old kid who can run a mile in just over 8 minutes, I asked him if he was going to let his Dad out walk him and he picked up the pace a bit, I was just surprised that I had to wait for him. I also did 50 push ups earlier in the day so I am happy with my movement for the day. intake was as follows.


8:45 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

2:00 PM
1 cup white rice 200
1/2 cup black beans 90

5:15 PM
3 slices whole wheat bread 210
1 can tuna 150
1 tbsp mayonnaise 90

8:30 PM
2 wedges laughing cow french onion cheese 70
10 ritz crackers 140

9:00 PM
1 pear 85

Grand total of 1235 Calories for the day and no fish for dinner today, maybe I will get a few next time out (which will be Tomorrow), I can get a little obsessed with what I am doing at times and with the new poles, fishing is what I will be doing for a bit. also on a side note I finally made it below last Fridays weight again this morning so I will hopefully have a decent weigh in for tomorrow. once again I thank you for following along with me and my trip to the half.

As Ever


  1. Hahaha foil wrapped bits of cheesy goodness indeed! Now do you trust me? LOL...I love the stuff! Make sure you also try out the Garlic & Herb flavor too! I use it constantly. You know what a good recipe is...spread 1/2 of a wedge on 2 pieces of bread (1 wedge-2 slices bread) and then put some turkey or something in the middle and then spray a pan with a spritz of EVOO spray and make it like a grilled cheese sandwich....MMMM delicious!

  2. you two are funny! cheesy goodness :)

    I am sure the trout are quite pleased with your lack of success at the lake.& How funny about your boy too -- little things like that make you feel pretty darn good eh? out walking a child you KNOW has endless amounts of energy. I mean if I had the energy my kids had I would be on the moon by now -- I don't ever remember having it either!

    fishing does sound like fun though so I wish you luck on your next outing and expect pictures of your catch with the recipe!