Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back pain and a rainy day

Finally I wake up and I am below my Friday weight, I caught up with Sundays bad eating and hopefully will have a decent drop this week, and by decent I mean two pounds. this week sort of back fired on me because I was suppose to be hardcore workout guy and well, I am not. it started as a lazy weekend ending with some beers and carried into Monday like that, Tuesday I started working out and bamn! during some stretches my injury started acting up. My lower back where the disk injury was/is is killing me since last night and that is unfortunate for me because it means zero movement other than daily stuff like walking within the house, cooking etc. it usually takes a day or two to get the pain completely gone and this is the first time in a while that I have had pain from the injury. nothing I can do about it besides stick to the eating plan when this happens and thats what I am going to do. I am a little bummed about it but whatever, I will play with some light dumb bells this afternoon to see if it hurts and if not then I will at least get that in, and if not then I am on no exercise until the back stops being annoying. otherwise my day is great and I am in a good mood.

Intake for Tuesday came in at 1338 calories and was pretty spread out through the day, even if it was not the best food day in the world it was not bad either. while my Excel sheet says 1338 calories I know it was a bit more because while making the lunch packs for wify from the previous post, I was "taste testing" the chicken to make sure it was seasoned right, so I got in a couple calories there, not even close to the 162 that I had left mind you, but it was something and since I am all about being accountable I thought I would mention that fact. with that I give you the menu from Tuesday.

06/03/08 Breakfast
7:45 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

11:15 AM
22 oz watermelon 198

2:45 PM
2 hebrew national hot dogs 90
4oz sweet potato fries 100
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
ketchup 20

6:15 PM
2 Gortons fish fillets 340
3/4 cup white rice 150
1 serving of steamed broccoli 60
ketchup 20

8:00 PM
Dannon light yogurt 60

Grand total of 1338 calories for the day, it is raining and I have a pot of soup on the stove, hopefully my back feels better sooner than later but either way the food will be on track and whats a little bit of pain right? it will pass and then back to normal and back to dropping the weight, pretty soon (hopefully) I will be posting about how I am maintaining my weight instead of dropping it and that is a fact for sure. Thanks for reading along.

As Ever


  1. Awww what a bummer that your back is bothering you. I have a bum knee from high school soccer team and every once in awhile it acts up. Back's are the worst thing to hurt because it affects EVERYTHING! Ugh, I desperately want to have some of that soup darnit, lol! Hope you're back to your old self soon and I'm glad to see that your day of being lackadaisical didn't affect your numbers for too long! :)

  2. sorry to hear that you are in pain. that is so crappy! I hope you feel better. did you have to have surgery on your back? Is there a way you can get PT out of it? If so it may help tons like it has with Sandy. just a thought.

    At least the scale is still being positive!

  3. Holly. No I did not opt to have the surgery, I know far too many people that have had the surgery and have gotten worse because of it so I chose the let time take care of it and adjust my life route, its been 7 years or so since the injury and it still flares up so bad at times that I just gotta sit there :(. Physical therapy hurt the injury more than helped it, the severity of the injury dictates whether you can do PT or not, a more minor injury responds differently, mine just hurts more and more if its moved while its inflamed. this is the first time in a while that its bothered me to this degree and it can just happen, I wasn't even doing anything really when it started hurting this time, I have learned my limits and and try to live within them to cope with it.

    Thanks for your comments ladies, they are appreciated :)

    As Ever