Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Morning and the start of a good week

As far as the change in my lifestyle goes I have to report only good things so far for this week, I have decided to drop the calories to no more than 1300 per day for this week while adding my push ups back into each and every day this week, at the end of the week I will go back to 1500 per day and hopefully this gash on my foot will be good enough to start in on the walks daily again. I have also been thinking about me still calling this "my lifestyle change", it dawned on me that this is my lifestyle now and were on month six, should I really still be calling it a new way of eating? I think not. I choose to live a healthy lifestyle that includes a sensible dietary intake and moderate exercise and this is the key to my success thus far in my opinion. From day one I never treated this like a "diet" but more of a new way of life and six months later it is what it is and thats all that it is. It comes natural to me to grab a piece of fruit instead of a package of cookies, and there ARE cookies in my home for the kiddos, I would not think of drinking a soda and I realize that things like ice cream are just a treat to have sparingly and not as a part of the main course, or to eat a strawberry for desert is closer to what desert should be instead of a triple scoop peanut butter fudge banana split. so there you have it, I do live a healthy lifestyle for the most part and its only getting better day by day.

The intake for Monday was pretty decent coming in at 1333 total calories and I had ground turkey soft tacos for dinner, very good meal I might add. I did get my "daily required push ups" into the day as well and feel good. I weigh slightly less than I did on Friday this morning so I am happy about that because this weekend I seem to have blew up a bit (retaining fluids I think because I did not drink enough Friday or Saturday) so I am cycling back to normal. I hope to have a decent loss by Friday because of the getting strict with the intake again as well as adding my calisthenics (partially) back into the mix. with that I give you the menu from Monday.


8:15 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

12:00 PM
18oz watermelon 153

1:45 PM
cambells soup 240
Dannon light yogurt 60

5:30 PM
6oz ground turkey 255
4 mission white tortilla shells 220
1.5 oz vermont white cheddar 165
tomato/lettuce/onion 20
taco sauce 20

Grand total of 1333 total calories so pretty much on my goal for the week of no more than 1300, I figure since my limit is really 1500 that the 33 I went over is ok. back to the normal and no looking back at the old, here I am and there you are and the choices are there to be made by each for their own good. I made my choice, Have you made yours?

Thanks for reading along.

As Ever


  1. I love the committment to daily pushups. I actually just added some to my daily workout today!!! I'm gonna go put a post up on my sight...it's just so crazy with my nephews and sister living at my house I feel like I have NO time to do anything I used to do...NO EXCUSES! I am committing right now to post DAILY!!!!! I think it really helps me keep on track...no wonder you are so successful, you are the regular posting fool!

  2. I feel like that reference to you not "dieting" was aimed at me, since the last comment I talked about you being the dieter of dieters....
    I do realize that what you have accomplished can no longer be considered a "diet." You have, indeed, changed your attitudes about how and what to eat - and you've changed for the better, and you've changed for good. I still can't help but to call it a "diet," though, since you are eating to lose weight and not to maintain. Same with me. Until I have lost all of the weight I intend to lose, I will consider myself to be on a "diet." But, I do realize that the length of time we've been eating "right" (or you, but me, too - for the most part) shows that we've not just gone on a diet, but that we have definitely successfully changed our lifestyle. And, I like the fact that you realize that the most important decisions in all of this are the little ones (like strawberries rather than cookies, green tea rather than sodas). Those kinds of decisions are the kinds of habits that make all of the difference in making it a "new way of life" rather than just a short-term "diet." :D

  3. Thanks for the comments guys :)

    Andee, I know how that can be, when ya get busy things just sorta slip on by and you don't even realize it, I try to force myself to make this as important as breathing air to remember to stay focused :P and the blogging is a good tool to stay focused and committed to the "program" if you will.

    Robyn, dear dear Robyn I aim nothing at you except support (and I pick on ya sometimes too :P) but not about "dieting" the reference is exactly to what it is. I am not on a diet, if it were a diet I would fail because "diets" in the common use today means something that someone does to drop a few pounds and thats not what I am doing at all, I have changed how I eat 100% I have changed how I look at food 100%, could you say that this is my diet? sure the word diet refers to what someone consumes whether t be whole foods, or fast foods, its all part of "your diet" but splitting hairs is not easy! I guess the reason that this is not a "diet" for me is because I do not envision a time when I will return to eating how I use to and well...a person cannot stay on a "diet" indefinitely can they? at what point would it turn into just how they eat? see :) I am not on a diet lol.

    that was the long answer, the short? nothing was aimed at you :) my blog is just that, its me now drink more water punk! you know its good for you (now that was aimed at ya!).

    As Ever