Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday already? where did this week go?

To start this entry I would like to say that the soup I made yesterday was insanely good! I used my regular chicken soup recipe but made lots of changes, in fact the only thing that was used from that recipe really was boil the chicken carcass to make the broth and 3 onions, everything else was different. lots of onions, peppers and hours later the house smelled great! when my son came home from school in the afternoon he said "mmmmm something smells good" and then when wify came home from work a very similar comment came from her. the soup was a bit spicy for my daughter even though she did eat it, she did not eat a full bowl. I will 100% be making the soup this way again as soon as the 4 quarts in the freezer and the one in the fridge is gone, I shall call it Spicy chicken chili soup! look for the recipe in a later post.

Intake was a bit low coming in at 1279 total calories, I was not hungry all day and didn't realize that I was low until later in the evening. so around 8:00 pm I had a large amount of chopped watermelon, I figured its mostly fluid so it wouldn't hang around long. my back feels a bit better today but when I bend to that not so sweet spot its like a sharp pain just hits and thats it, but like I said its starting to dull so thats a good thing. fluid consumption is on track, I get my gallon of green tea in every day along with at least another half gallon of water and many days its more like 1.25 gallons of green tea because I sneak some in here and there thats not in the jug that I am drinking off of for any given day. Nothing that could be called cardio really to report but movement is happening so some exercise is present, just not at the level I would like it to be right now, but with the back feeling pain I can only do what it lets me do until the pain goes away.

Here is Wednesdays menu.

06/04/08 Breakfast
9:00 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

12:00 PM
1 dannon light yogurt 60

2:00 PM
2oz roasted chicken breast 100
2 80 calorie rolls 160
less than 1 tbsp miracle whip 30
sliced tomato 10
small dill pickle 10

6:00 PM
2 cups home made soup 325
3/4 cup cooked white rice 150

7:45 PM
26oz watermelon 234

Grand total of 1279 calories for the day, I know that its low but at the same time I am not doing much exercise and I am not feeling the least bit deprived of food so I will not worry about it. everything is still on track and going as planned, the weight is still coming off each week so what else could I hope for? I am happy with where I am in this attempt to drop the excess weight from my body and get away from Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my! weight and closer to a human weight.

As Ever


  1. Hey Bottz! That chicken soup sounds really yummy! I can't wait to see the recipe. Glad to hear that your back is feeling better.

  2. Agreed that the soup sounds good! It's always so nice to come home to a house that smells like good yummy food. Your family is very lucky!! :D
    Sorry you're having troubles with your back. Those pesky discs! Glad to hear that it has eased up a bit. I can't wait for your weigh in post this morning!!!!!!!