Tuesday, June 3, 2008

155 days in

Monday went just like any day should have, I ate often and good foods while spending almost the entire day out in the back yard taking in the weather, its high 70's sunny and breezy lately or in other words perfect! 1448 calories were consumed and my weight still has not fully recovered from the weekends indulging, I have to admit that I am a little worried that I will not make it back down to my last Fridays weight this time but if I don't I don't nothing I can do but keep doing what I have been doing for the past five months. I feel a little let down by myself for letting go like that as far as my intake goes for Sunday, only because its my first real slip up since starting, I have slipped and went over calories or have eaten bad food etc but Sunday was full on ate whatever the hell I wanted and drank beer until I was merry which I guess is not bad but its so so bad at the same time.

This week was suppose to be my "work my ass off" exercise week and yet I find myself sitting in the back yard with a watermelon and a knife soaking in the sun just relaxing more than anything. it was a lazy weekend followed by a lazy Monday, here we are it is Tuesday and I feel like sitting in the back yard again and soaking in some more sun and having another quarter of that melon in the fridge. This is where I am at 8:00 am and when I finish this post I will likely go through my emails etc and then head into the yard again to get some of that morning sun. or maybe I will get up and do a stretch routine and some light weights and my push ups for the day so I can relax in the sun guilt free, I think that second option sounds like a better plan, so it shall be so.

Here is my menu from Monday.


9:15 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

11:45 AM
20 oz watermelon 180

2:15 PM
2.5oz deli turkey 75
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 dill pickle 10
1 tbsp miracle whip 35
sliced tomato 10

5:30 PM
8oz ground turkey breast 320
2 80 calorie rolls 160
6oz sweet potato fries 150
ketchup 20
condiments 20

7:00 PM
sugar free cream cicle 20

9:15 PM
12oz watermelon 108

Grand total of 1448 total calories for the day, and as you can see they were good calories many were of the superfood variety and spread out nicely trough out the day. I hope to recover fully from the weekend slip up but at the same time the negative side of me says "Wow man you really screwed this weeks weigh in up and its only Tuesday!" but that will remain to be seen on Friday, I can say that I am up from Friday but down from yesterdays morning weight so hopefully I will properly hydrate and get this moving in the right direction again. when its a road as long as I have to drive down I guess a few bumps can be expected so no worries.

As Ever


  1. man you really screwed up huh?!

  2. Just kidding! I thought seeing you "screw" up was great thing! At least for me! It makes me feel soooo much better now, knowing that the infallible Zeus can be human too!

    I would also like to add that when you are actually in the mood for a few beers and being lazy AND it only happens occasionally then just go with it!

    NOW as far as the exercise goes this is where Andeelys example should be kicking you in the head -- she never gives herself the chance to screw up her walks and has made them a part of her daily routine. If I could get off my ass to do that maybe I would have NO problems either! You need a challenge partner? I am so up for it! I have heard that if you do something for three weeks straight it will become a habit. If this is true maybe a three week challenge would be something good for you and ME too. Then when you commit the occasional "screw up" you won't feel so bad! just a thought

  3. Let me just say...I had a great time with you on Sunday, being silly and just enjoying the day. If it's an consolation, it felt great! And it's not keeping you down, you're still doing it!

    I love ya,

  4. AWW, how sweet!! :D
    Don't sweat it. And, know that I know how you feel...with the threat of the scale going up for the weekly weigh in. On the bright side? It's only a week. The scale will go back down. You'll keep doing like you've been doing, and you'll undo what you did over the weekend.
    Exercise? The weather sounds perfect...and I don't blame you for wanting to just sit around and soak it in. But, it's rainy weather that gets me lazy, so I would think that the weather that you're having ought to make you want to get out and go for a hike, or a walk!! But, no worries. You'll have your "on" week soon enough.
    Still doing great with your foods...and I do like the idea of incorporating a lot of "superfoods" like you have began making a conscious effort to do.
    Hey..I have an idea! Let's just skip this week's weigh in!! We could just wait until NEXT Friday to do it again!! :D ???
    Okay, I gotta go now, dangit. Do good today! Get some exercise in!!

  5. Yay 'Superfoods'!!! You know how I love those! I wouldn't beat myself up too much...I mean you've been going strong for 155 days...sheesh that's a long time...and you've had this 1 day. Hmm 1::155...the odds are great that you're doing great. Just get back to your old ways and you'll stay right on track :)