Sunday, June 22, 2008

Da weekend post

Sunday morning and I had a few minutes so here it is "Da weekend post" to say that I had a full day yesterday would be an understatement We started the day off running a couple errands and stopped off for some fishing in a stream/river not far from where I live, after that it was off to the lake that I mentioned in an earlier post, the one with all of the trails etc but that place was packed so we fished at a small reservoir for a couple hours and then off to my MIL house where 2 hours of exercise happened. I hopped in the lake with wify and the kiddos and ended up swimming for close to 2 hours. while in the water I started in on a back stroke and ended up swimming over a giant rock that was in about 5 feet of water, my body went right over the rock but when my kicking feet went over it my right heel hit the top of it, I now have a half dollar sized gash directly on the back of my heel and it is numb right now as I type this out a day later and there is no way I can get a shoe on my foot. So the exercise did not come without cost but at least 2 hours of movement occurred and I can feel muscles that I have not felt in a while so that means more trips to MIL's place for some swimming is in my future.

Intake is as follows, Friday I had a good day as far as intake goes, that is until wify made some late night popcorn to go with the movie that she rented so I went over calories for Friday, Saturday I managed to stay under (I think) up to lunch my intake was counted exactly as it was but dinner was unexpectedly at My Mom in laws house so we did not have our scale with us but I guessed to the best of my ability as to what the portions were, we made Deli turkey sandwiches so it was not too hard to guesstimate, I am getting pretty good at knowing what an ounce of something looks like and I did guess higher than I actually think it was to be safe. here is Saturdays menu.


9:30 AM
10 ritz crackers 140
2 wedges laughing cow 70

1:00 PM
1 can tuna 150
1 tbsp miracle whip 35
4 slices oatmeal bread 160
sliced tomato 10
1 pear 85

6:00 PM
2 Sandwich Rolls 360
8 oz Deli Turkey 240
2 tbsp Miracle Whip 70
Sliced Tomato 15
1.5 oz Light Lays Potato Chips 120

Grand total of 1455 calories for the day with my best guess at dinner portions and the times for dinner and lunch are guessed a we ate here and there throughout the day. I am a bit sore from the swimming but feel good about the soreness because its that good sore, other than that all is well with this weight loss thang. thank you for reading along with my journey and with that this post is done.

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  1. Dang...sorry about the foot injury! You just can't catch a break lately, can ya?! I hope it gets all better soon. :)

    Glad to hear you had a busy and fun weekend! Sounds like the kind of weekend I WISH I'd had.