Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday afternoon, petunias and cake oh my!

This was a rare occasion that I skipped posting for an entire weekend, Saturday I was out all day and Sunday being Fathers day I was not near the lap top all day, usually I post after checking my email or when I get a minute and that just did not happen this weekend. Saturday I woke up bright and early to head off to the DMV to register a car and found out I owe $33 bucks in taxes from 1997 for one of my old cars, 1997!?! bleh, the check is in the mail and I will run back out next week to get my tags. after the DMV we decided to grab Dairy Queen for the kiddos and ended up walking around a mall for an hour and a half so I got some walking in, it was slow and relaxed but walking at any rate, then it was off to another mall and basically we walked around for 5 to 6 hours on Saturday between a couple different Malls and Cabelas. I came in at 1285 total calories for Saturday so I am happy with that intake number, and all of the walking was a nice chance at some unplanned exercise.

Sunday I went over on calories because there was a cake involved, I was at 1368 calories pre-cake, and after the cake I have no clue because I don't care and thats that. It was a chocolate cake with strawberries in the center and whipped cream on top of it, I had a large piece and I have to admit that I had a couple swipes of frosting that were not included on my piece. while in Cabelas on Saturday we were looking around and I showed my wife and son a knife that I would not mind having and it ended up being my gift for Fathers day, so I have a new pocket knife, yeah that what we will call it, a pocket knife. it is a Gerber Evo and is basically Gerbers version of the CRKT M16 knife, I did not "need" a new pocket knife, but I wanted one so it was a great gift. I also was given a tray of petunias and a balloon later in the day to go along with the Gerber, I was in a less than stellar mood in the early evening and My wife being the most perfect, sweet and caring woman that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing in my entire life knows exactly how to put me into a better mood. I now have petunias in my back yard that were planted by my daughter and myself that will remind me of how sweet wify is every time I look at them.

I weighed less on Sunday than I did on Friday but upon waking up today (Monday) I weighed the same as Friday again, thats going to get chalked up to fluctuation because I know that I did not gain 3 lbs from Sunday to Monday cake or no cake. I have been sneaking push ups into my day again and feel great about that part of my day because I can actually feel it so I know I am doing good for my body, back to business as usual I suppose. Here is the menu for Sunday.


10:00 AM
1 english muffin 100
1 80 calorie roll 80
2 eggs 140
turkey pepperoni 48
1 tbsp miracle whip 35

1:00 PM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

4:00 PM
5 whole wheat ritz 70
progresso soup 120

6:00 PM
2 gorton fish fillets 320
3/4 cup white rice 150
1 cup peas 105

7:30 PM
cake! Too much

Grand total of a bit too much for Sunday, but if averaging by the week I am probably ok because of the lower calories on Saturday, all in all it was a good weekend intake wise and just in general as well. Thanks for following along with my journey to a smaller healthier way of living.

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  1. Oh, boy...chocolate cake with strawberries?! That sounds very decadent, and I've never had such a cake! ME - never had a kind of cake?! That never happens! I will now have to try some! :) I'll have to wait until the next big "special occasion," though, to have myself some!
    Sounds like you had a nice Father's day, and that's great to hear! My husband LOVES knives, so if you're anything like him, I know you really liked your gift! As for him, we were out of town, and he went into his favorite knife store and picked himself out a couple of things and bought them as his gifts. Haha!
    I had cherry pie, that I had made for my dad - that was my big "cheat" for the weekend. Well, that, or the lobster-topped mashed potatoes or perhaps the ice-cream and strawberries that my sister bought, but I ended up sharing with her! All in all, that's all over now, and a new week begins...a new week that will be followed by one more special occasion (my wedding anniversary) that I'll probably "cheat" during again. After that, though, I don't forsee any more "special occasions" when I'll have reason to do horrible again!
    You are STILL doing great, and I'm confident that you'll still see a few pound loss this week, despite the exra "swipes" (that was so funny, btw...) of frosting, and the "large" piece of cake that you had for Daddy's day.
    Glad to hear it's cooled down there. It's been slightly cooler here, too, but still HOT.