Monday, June 9, 2008

Muggy Monday Morning Ramblings

Still rain forest like humidity here in New England I am afraid, but the weight loss plan is going strong. 1342 calories for the day ending with 20 oz of fresh watermelon, I am very happy summer is here just for all of the watermelon I get to eat. My back pain has lessened to a point where I am comfortable again so I am giving it a day or two more before I call it pain free. the boats have stayed docked for 2 days now and a launch is imminent today because if not I fear I may pop. nothing really more than that to report on this muggy Monday morning so I will give you the menu for Sunday and ye old post will be done for the day.

This pretty much sums up my mood this hot June Morning.

06/08/08 Breakfast
9:45 AM
1 Multi grain english muffin 100
1 egg 70
6 small slices of turkey pepperoni 24
omega 3 spread 20
small dill pickle 5

3:30 PM
1 Multi grain english muffin 100
2 egg 140
12 small slices of turkey pepperoni 48
1 80 calorie roll 80
1 tbsp miracle whip 35

6:00 PM
1 can tuna 150
3 slices whole wheat bread 210
1 tbsp miracle whip 35
30g pretzel sticks 130
small dill pickle/sliced tomato 15

8:00 PM
20 oz watermelon 180

Grand total of 1342 calories for Sunday, and I will be putting the downstairs AC in the window pretty much a soon as I click "Publish Post" I am in a meh kind of mood, neither here nor there, not a good mood not a bad mood just somewhere in between, did I mention that I dislike Hot Humid weather? yep, Charlie says it best. but as far as the weight loss goes, everything is on track and the weight is still coming off so I am happy about that fact. the more I think of my goal to be under 400 lbs by the middle/end of August the more I get excited about seeing a 3 instead of a 4 in the front of my weight, and yet if I do not hit that magic number? I am still cool with it, because I have lost a huge amount of weight so far and I don't see an end to my weight loss, well not until I hit goal anyways, and I Know that I WILL get to my goal because its just a matter of mind over...hmmm, well I guess mind, and I am in a state of mind that tells me that I will get to the weight that I want to. Thanks for following along with my journey to a better me.

As Ever


  1. I like watermelon with lime juice and chili powder... I like all my fruit like that!

    good to hear the back pain is lessening.

    ships ahoy!

  2. Yikes, I hope the ships find port soon...I don't want to hear about any 'popping'!

    I'm glad your back is slowly but surely feeling better.

    I love watermelon too but no one else in my house does so I never buy it b/c I can't eat it all by myself :(

  3. I really think you may have inspired me to get some watermelon finally... ;)

    -Zircadia from SP

    (I was missing your blogs on SP so I decided to meander over here.)

  4. Holly, ewww! lol chili powder on watermelon yuck! lol in LA there were Mexican fellas walking around the parks on the weekends with shopping carts with corn in them and they would cover them in mayo and chili powder and sell them, nasty lol

    andeely just buy the melons that are quartered or halved, at least they sell them that way around here, that way you could have some and not waste any :) me and my daughter eat it up faster than we can get it into the house :)

    Dana! glad to see ya popped on over here for a looksie, I usually post here daily, sometimes more than once per day if I have something to write about or am feeling like writing, feel free to save it to your book marks :) ... really I won't mind :P Thanks for stopping by.

    As Ever