Thursday, June 26, 2008 does a body good

Feeling good about how this week is going with the intake a well as the bike riding, oh yeah did I mention that I fixed my bike? again.. a while back I had an issue with one of the pedals for my bike and had a hard time finding a replacement pedal but I did, upon receiving the new/old set of pedals I stripped the threads on the crank while hastily installing one of the pedals and it soon came loose again doh! so I contacted the fella with the bike and asked if he still had the crank risers for the bike and offered him the shipping for them if he would send them out to me, to which he replied "I will sell them to you for $20" so me being me and pretty resourceful I decided that $20 for the pedals and another $20 for the risers just was not worth it and that I would just re-tap the threads and I forgot about the risers, then I received an email from the fella saying that he was tossing the bike because he could not find replacement pedals (duh) and that he was going to send out the crank risers in the mail and they got here yesterday so for that I am appreciative. and now I have my bike back..again! I rode the bike twice yesterday, once early in the day and then last night around 8:30 pm, man am I glad that I have the bike back.

Intake was lower than my allotted 1300 per day for this week, it came in at 1205 for the day which is fine by me, its only this week that I have lowered the intake and I am not finding myself any more hungry than when the cap is set at 1500. I have also picked up on my "little things" again to burn a few more calories throughout the day, and when I say "little things" I mean things like walking upstairs to use the bathroom up there because of the extra movement on the stairs. You would be surprised how many calories can be burned by adding some small things to your day, here is a list of some activities and the calories they burn, the figures I have are for a 200 pound person doing 15 minutes worth of the activity unless otherwise noted.

carrying 1 to 15 lb load, upstairs 120 calories burned
this one is good for the example I gave above, it takes only a few seconds to run up the stairs but do that enough throughout the day and we have something. I literally walk up and down the stairs in my home at least 30 times per day between going to get something for the kids or to use the bathroom.

30 mins sex 200 calories calories burned
This one is a no brainer! its fun, its relaxing, it feels good AND you can get healthy doing it! I'm in!

stationary bike very vigorous effort 200-250 calories burned
seriously is 15 minutes busting ass on the bike bike not worth those calories?

stationary bike light effort 130 calories burned
and this one is taking your time using light effort

shoveling, heavy (more than 16 pounds/minute) 215 calories burned
who wouldda thunk? I used this one a lot this past winter, and your getting something done at the same time! so put that snow blower away.

shoveling, light (less than 10 pounds/minute) 140 calories burned
and if you wish to take your time :)

jogging, in place 190 calories burned
try it, its not as easy as you would think yet it is easy peasy all at the same time

running, 5 mph (12 min/mile) 190 calories burned
190 calories for 12 minutes of your time? waddya say? (I can't wait until I can do this one)

kick ball 160 calories burned
the next time your kids are bugging you to do something and you think "Uuuuggghhh!" grab a ball and go play a quick 15 min game of kick ball, they will love you for it and you will burn 160 calories!

shooting hoops in the driveway (not a game) 110 calories burned
same as above, 110 for some down time with the kiddos? worth it

fishing in stream 120 calories burned
This one is for me, I have begun to fish again as of late and to burn 140 calories per 15 mins doing something that relaxes me AND I have a chance at some trout fillets? yep I am there.

watering lawn or garden 35 calories burned
just to pace through your yard holding a hose? c'mon you can do that can't ya?

fishing from river bank, standing 83 calories burned
again for me this one is great!

guitar, classical, folk (sitting) 48 calories burned
I play my guitar at least an hour per day on and off, and ya mean I get to burn calories while doing it?

pistol shooting or trap shooting, standing 60 calories burned
spend some time at your local shooting range lately? it does after all aid in losing weight :)

sitting - playing with child light, only active periods 60 calories burned
welcome to my world! playing with a doll house never looked so appealing!

billiards 60 calories burned
"hey honey I am going out to the pool hall for a while to burn some fat!"

cooking or food preparation - standing or sitting or in general (not broken into stand/walk components), manual appliances 100 calories burned
I cook every day and I choose to stand while doing so, waters boiling? I am standing or pacing in the kitchen, something simmering? yup I am standing in the kitchen.

mild stretching 60 calories burned
this one is great! I do a 15 min stretch before every workout, you can even do this throughout the day at work or at home, anywhere really and there is almost zero effort needed

standing - playing with child(ren) ? light, only active periods 70 calories burned
once again welcome to my day

miniature golf 72 calories burned

horseshoe pitching 71 calories burned
this is one of my fathers favorite things to do, he came in 2nd place at his club (yeah there are horse shoe clubs!)

children's games (hopscotch, 4-square, dodge ball, playground apparatus, t-ball, tether ball, marbles, jacks) 119 calories burned
once again welcome to my day!

It is very easy to get extra movement into your day with the little things that you need to do every day anyways or in tiny 15 minute increments, where is the harm in walking upstairs every time you need to use the bathroom? or standing in the kitchen the entire time dinner is being cooked or while the pot of water boils? something else that I do is if watching tv, during commercials I will hop up and do some push ups, I also park as far away from the door as possible in a parking lot. many of the things listed above take almost no effort and most are enjoyable. a positive attitude gets you only so far, doing more throughout the day to burn as many calories as possible gets you there quicker and will likely add to your life span. my point is that if you think you cannot exercise, if you think that getting exercise in during the day is hard You are wrong! this short list of things that I put up there is a mere sliver compared to the things that can be done to make yourself a healthier and lighter person and all by doing things that you have to do anyways. Thats my post for the day and as always I thank you for reading along, whatever you do just remember, sex is good for you so do it often!

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  1. Haha, those are all great 'bonus' exercise tips! I am going to start using the go upstairs to the bathroom one.

    I'm so glad you got your bike fixed and are able to get some aerobic exercise in that way! And twice a day...that's awesome! I've been debating 2 a days for a week or so, I think I may try one to see how I feel :)

  2. so the shooting hoops -- does HORSE count?

    And how many calories do I burn by surfing the web for hours upon hours?
    this is where I have changed the most by the way!! I force myself off the pc (i have no laptop - boohoo) and all the stuff I have not done while on the computer gets done!!

    oh I do have a question for you-----since you seem to be super resourceful at web surfing too, have you ever looked into the "detox" type of diet tips people are always pushing. like the green apple detox and crap like that? I myself have only ever done a liver detox --- but there wasn't a whole lot to it. Take a bunch of vitamins (which I am a pro at) no meats or processed foods at all for two weeks and done. not a "detox" by internet standards.

    I mean the detox yourself on lemonade kinda diets. Do they work have YOU ever or ARE you ever going to do anything like that? What is your opinion on them? I have yet to find something I agree with but sometimes I wonder. just thought I'd ask.

    oh and the damned running -- I really really try to jog and I have still only made it to about 6 minutes @ 4.5mph ..... I have heard in order to push yourself in the running dept. you must be willing to do it until you puke. So I have yet to push myself that hard!! that bit of advice came from my friend who used to run in an Olympic team. NOT MY IDEA OF FUN!!