Friday, June 20, 2008

Aliens, Cows and a three pound drop this week.

Friday morning is upon us again which means that its time to get on the scale and see what she says, I knew there was a loss because yesterday there was and when I got on this morning the scale said 417.6lbs woohoo I am solidly into the teens I think to myelf, so I get on again 417.8-418 even and its bouncing between those two numbers, third time on it says 417.6 again so it looks like more than a 3 lb loss this week and since I round up to the nearest pound I will call it 418 pounds which is a 3 pound loss for the week. not too shabby for a guy that had fried chicken strips, French fries and a sundae out at a restaurant on Monday, along with chocolate cake on Fathers day all within this week eh? thats not to down play all of the hard work that I did to lose that weight this week, I am just saying that a person does not have to give up everything that is good (and not so good for you) in the world of food to drop weight consistently. I am happy with the 3 pounds that is no longer a part of me.

This 1971 Suzuki T500 weighs in at 418 lbs

Audrina Patridge weighs in at 116lbs which is how much I have lost so far. who she is I don't know lol

I mentioned yesterday that I finally gave in and bought some of the laughing cow cheese that I have heard nothing but good things about. Welp since buying it I have been experimenting (a lot in my head) and have come up with a couple things that I really enjoy eating using these tiny wedges of deliciousness. for instance my breakfast this morning was two English muffin sandwiches which consisted of 2 multi grain English muffins, 2 wedges of perfection wrapped in foil triangles, sliced tomato, and a few slices of Turkey pepperoni topped with some black pepper, This is my new official favorite breakfast! I was being greedy and ate two, one would be perfectly fine for a breakfast with maybe a yogurt on the side but either way I am hooked. I am convinced that this Happy cow cheese is created artificially on a space craft not of this world using cows that were taken in the 1950's by the same extra terrestrial beings that make crop circles and is now imported here by the Chinese government for resale in a ploy for world dominance, ok that might be a stretch BUT this stuff is good!

Intake was average for Thursday coming in at 1375 calories total for the day and I am happy with that. over all I am feeling good and I am only 18 lbs away from hitting my goal of being under 400 pounds. I want to kick the exercise up a bit this week and see if I can get a nice sized drop in weight for the next weigh in day, this is the second week in a row that I did not eat perfect and exercise daily so maybe if I switch it up I will see a big loss in the coming week. 3 pounds down and this week will go in the W column for me because a loss is a loss and three pounds is a good loss. Thats that for todays post and I thank you for reading along with my ride of rides, I hope to soon be writing about how I am maintaining my weight instead of losing it.

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  1. Okay...I guess it's time for me to try some of that cheese, too! And turkey pepperoni?? I need to find some of that, too! Didn't know there was such a thing...

    Okay...I need to say congratulations on the loss this week - - but did you HAVE to give me those three pounds?!! I didn't want them!!! Hahaa...but seriously....good job! You do so awesome each week, and it's simply because you count your calories, you drink lots of fluids, and you get in some exercise any chance you get. How simple that all sounds. But, I know, first hand, that it is SO much easier to NOT do all of that, so compliments to you on sticking with it, even though it would be so easy not to. :D
    I wanna be like you when I grow up. ;)

  2. Congratulations on the loss!! I love that laughing cow cheese; it is heaven and I agree on an english muffin is the best! You are such an inspiration to me, thank you!!

  3. Yay Tony I'm so happy for you...into those're gonna be under 400 darn soon! Can you believe that??? Under 400??? I think I'll cry for you by that exciting. You're doing great...just don't make those chicken strips, fries and ice cream sundaes too regular of an occurance!