Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still hotter'n shi.... oh its day 162 too.

Ok first things first, Its Hot! yesterday it was 101 degrees and humidity was 86% when I say that it was 101 degrees that was around 4:00 pm yesterday, lets just say that records were set for heat in June here, as I write this its around 7:30 am 80 degrees and 84% Humid. My son was dismissed from school early yesterday because of "Dangerous conditions" with the heat and they have an early dismissal today as well, now I have heard of snow days...but Heat days? it is suppose to cool down after Wednesday so I am looking forward to that and I believe a trip to the park is in order.

This morning I woke up and hopped onto the good old scale and she told me I am down a bit from Friday's weight and that is good news. 1320 calories for Monday and we made it a cold cut kind of day, having cold sandwiches for lunch and dinner so that we did not have to use the oven. I wish that I could say my back was back to normal but while playing with my daughter yesterday I tweaked it again, I was bent over next to her and she jumped up and wrapped her arms around my neck and hung off of me suddenly and that was that, the thumping back hath return. I was looking forward to a walk when the humidity went down a bit but with my back still being all twitchy I wouldn't risk it getting worse because of a walk, I can only hope it feels much better than it currently does sooner that later so that I can get the movement back into the routine. otherwise everything is on track, I am making healthy choices and feel great.

Here is the menu from Monday.


9:00 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

1:00 PM
4oz deli turkey 100
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
sliced tomato/lettuce 15
1 oz health puffs 130

5:30 PM
6oz deli turkey 150
3 slices whole wheat bread 210
sliced tomato/lettuce 15
1 oz health puffs 130
1 dill pickle 10

8:00 PM
1 zone bar 220

Grand total of 1320 calories for the day, the heat is keeping me in the house for the most part, other than random trips to the supermarket etc. I am on track to hit my goal of being under 400 pounds by the end of August and I am starting to have difficulties with clothing in the way of I don't have a lot of shirts in a big 4x that are in good condition and I do not want to keep wearing the 6x stuff and looking like a kid wearing his dads T shirt or like I am swimming in my clothing, and I definitely don't want to go out and buy $200 worth of clothing to have it not fit in a couple months, I have plenty of jeans and pants but only a couple pairs of shorts so I am struggling there as well, but the way I am looking at this is that I would rather have the problem of deciding whether or not buying clothing that won't fit very soon over the issues that come with being 534 pounds. so its not really a bad problem, more like a decision. I can't wait for Autumn when I can but ONE hoodie and wear my big clothes under it and no one will be the wiser, all though by then I should be quite a bit smaller than I am now if I continue to lose the same way that I am currently losing. there you have my post for June 10th and as always Thanks for following along with me while I change things in my life and get smaller.

As Ever


  1. It is crazy hot- what the heck??
    My kids had a whole day yesterday, but 1/2 today. Smart move. I refuse to go outside. It's unbearable.
    Great job on the weight loss. I am just not mentally there. I've tried to get back on track, and there is just too much else going on. I promise, not an excuse- Just not feeling it. I know what I have to do.
    Sorry to hear about your back- that, I can relate to. Mine has been acting up worse the last couple days. Doctor suggested the shots again. No way.... Physical therapy works to help with the pain. It certainly doesnt make it go away long term.
    Anyway, rambling...
    Keep up the great job, and stay cool....

  2. Do you have a Value Village or Goodwill near you? You might be able to find some cheap clothes there. I got 2 pairs of pants for $8 total at Value Village last week, since all of my pants are now too big.

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies :) I got the AC going and as far as I know its cold in New England right now :P (I just looked, its 99 degrees right now and the humidity dropped a bit :) )

    Sandy yeah therapy made my back hurt wore than ever, now I can only control it with rest, and keeping the surrounding muscles strong.

    Heya beth, places like that don't usually have an abundance of big and tall clothing, I am 6'5'' tall and 400 plus pounds. even if they did, I am not sure how comfortable I would be wearing them, wearing someone else's clothes is weird to me, thats not me saying theres anything wrong with it, just not for me.

    As Ever

  4. If only you were a girl, and you could tie up your big T-shirts in a knot at your lower back, or bunch them up on the front/side and secure with a rubber band!! hahaa!! That's what I've had to resort to lately. I like to wear big T-shirts a lot, but only around the house.
    And..boy..that weather! That IS awful! If it's that bad there now, I cannot imagine what we'll be facing next month here in the South! :(
    What are "health puffs?"

  5. Haha Robyn I was just going to ask the same thing! What are health puffs???

    I would just die if I had to live in all that humidity...Y U C K!

    Sorry your back got tweaked again. I hate when my kids do that to me...grab your neck when you're bent over and then just hang...I am not a jungle gym!!!

    Glad the scale is still on it's downward journey :)

  6. It is so funny to hear that your son got released early due to weather conditions! Over here we are fluctuating between 60 and 90 percent humidity and are at about 98 for the highs----and our kids still have to march for band practice in that type of weather. we are always killing someone over here at the airforce base during training.oh my that sounded awful, it's not too often maybe once a year.

    we do however shut down the entire city if we get freezing rain or sleet. all the highways close and everything. (our speed limits are so high 60-70mph I guess that is why they do that? and we have a ton of overpasses)

    just think of the weather as a giant sauna. great for the skin! :)

    oh and maybe if your baby girl does the same neck hanging stunt on the opposite side it would even it out!