Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A quandry of sorts

My body is doing something odd, something that it has not done since I began this new healthy lifestyle, it has decided to go up in weight from my Friday weight and I cannot figure out why. Friday the scale said 412 lbs and from then on out its been stuck at 414-415 lbs, this morning its 415.4 lbs. The facts: I started exercising regularly again last week around mid week, I ate 1300 calories all week last week (which is the lowest week I have had since starting this), this week I bumped the calories back to 1400 with the intentions of bumping it back to 1500 this coming Friday, I am drinking more than 1.5 gallons of fluid per day which is par for the course. I am thinking that by lowering my calories last week I did lose weight but have I deprived my body of some sort of balance that it had achieved by dropping to 1300 calories for that week? I am not sure but I wouldn't think that a single low week could cause that. I am tempted to bring calories back to 1500 Today (Tuesday) and finish the week out within the range that has been working all along, no matter what the decision is I will be on the bike today for a nice ride and the push up challenge is still on (I did115 yesterday), which actually makes me think about the possibility of the slow drop or should I say gain this week could be because of the extra push ups and extra bike work and the fact that my muscles may be retaining a bit of water weight to cope with the soreness, something to ponder and you just saw a thought appear right before your eyes in text form.

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Intake for Monday was good coming in at 1429 total calories and at the end of the day I found myself having to eat something just to eat it and get to the calorie range I have set. everything is great in the intake dept and I am having an easy time with the amount of food allowed, I feel full every day and never really crave anything for the most part. Just like my header says "Its a State of Mind" and I own it, to own ones self is a powerful feeling and to apply what you know to make your life better is more than that. making the right decisions through out your day is key in accomplishing any task at hand and can be applied to every aspect of life, with that here is the menu from Monday.


10:45 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

1:15 PM
1 can progresso soup 120
1/2 cup white rice 100

3:15 PM
6 wheat ritz crackers 84
15 slices turkey pepperoni 70
laughing cow wedge 35

6:15 PM
2 Gortons fish fillets 340
3/4 cup white rice 150
1 cup peas 105
ketchup 20

9:15 PM
1/2 cup white rice 100
1 cup peas 105

Grand total of 1429 calories for the day and movement a plenty, so were right on track as usual, hopefully I can get this going up slightly in weight thing sorted out by Friday and have a loss again this week, I know I will and honestly am not worried about for the mot part. grabbing at straws while pretending to be committed is not my style so the bull by the horns will have to do for now as it is what works for me and can work for anyone that can focus on the task at hand and understand that its just a state of mind that you must get into before results will be seen, I am there, are you?

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  1. I believe it is safe to say that you are gaining weight due to two things.

    1. Water retention is inevitable as we start working our muscles to their limits. Pain in the muscles and muscle growth comes from the tearing of the muscle fibers. IN order to replace/repair the damaged ones we need more water.

    2. Muscle weighs more than fat. Perhaps you are starting the point were you will not only be dropping weight now but also sculpting you body. I bet by next week you will see a huge difference.

    I know when I start to lose wight I get the most outrageous cravings now. If I workout a lot or I do something that has burned more calories than I am used to I fell like I am starving. I think my body forgets that I am actually trying to lose weight so I go into the "eat everything in sight" mode to try to make up the calories that the body is giving up. IF there is any type of truth or science behind this then perhaps you were going through that just a few weeks ago which would mean that your biggest weight drop is probably coming really soon.