Monday, July 28, 2008

An afternoon hike, and a post to go with it.

Finally a day that is not Humid, raining, hot or anything negative here in New England, it is low 80's not very humid but still a bit humid at the same time and a breeze so I decided to take the kids out for a short hike that turned out to be anything but short. we first went to the playground and let the kiddos play a bit and then onto the hike, I figured a quick 30 minute walk through the easy paths was in order, not that there are especially hard paths where we went, but there are more traveled paths through the woods so thats where we started. about 20 minutes into the walk my daughter had to go to the bathroom and before I could get her pants down to let her go in natures rest room she went a little into her shorts and I left her spares in the car, doh! so back we went to the car I changed and cleaned her up and we went a different direction to continue our adventure, and we chose a more how do I say, rough path, more up hill sections and less of a beaten path if you will. I ended up carrying my daughter on most of the uphill parts and we ended up walking for a good solid 45 minutes, looking at deer tracks in the mud we saw a raccoon family a few chipmunks obviously some squirrels and we came upon a small pond with a few ducks where we took a rest while the kids stared down the feathered fellows taking a swim.

I did not bring my camera this time but this is a picture from the last time I was here and is part of the trail we were on this afternoon, I wish I had brought the camera because we saw a lot that I would have liked to take photos of and this section of the trail is very full of brush right now, not as clear as this photo shows. click the photo for a full sized view.

We later came across a section where two paths crossed and changed direction where I caught a small frog that hopped across the path and I decided that since we were 45 minutes out that well we would have to get back to the car and I did not feel like carrying my daughter all that way so we took it slow on the way back and cut through a section of woods and ended up closer to the car and came back to it the back way, we filled our water bottles back up had a nice big drink and came home, it was a very relaxing day out in the woods and adds up to about 2 total hours of walking between the first short walk when the kiddo had an accident and the longer more "rough" hike so I did my part for exercise for today, and I still plan on riding the bike for 20 minutes after dinner. I just thought I would pop on and post up my little adventure in the woods. Thanks for reading.

As Ever


  1. HI Tony!

    I am so glad you are doing so darned great! I am really proud of all that you have accomplished and look forward to the rest! I just read-up on all your posts and wanted to pop in and post a comment.

    and that was one big old burger you lost!

    amazing isn't it :)

  2. Glad to hear that you got a nice long hike in and play time with the kiddos! And decent weather to go along with it?? That's awesome! I'm jealous.

  3. I so envy your weather situation right now. As well as the wooded hiking areas that seem to be all around you there. We are flat and brown, and that's about it every where you look, lol! And hotter'na pistol too!