Friday, July 11, 2008

Weighing in after a couple weeks worth of a plateau.

Today is the day that the AM weight gets recorded as progress and I am happy to say that I have finally lost a couple pounds, its been about 2 weeks since a real drop has happened and last week I was 413 lbs on Friday, this week I am 410 pounds so thats a 3 pound drop from last Friday and a 2 pound drop from my lowest weight to date which was 412 lbs we will just call it a drop this week, something I do know is that I have lost 124 pounds to date. now within 10 pounds of being under 400 I am excited about that fact. I think I am past the whole body image thing this week as well, and what I mean is that everyone that loses weight (or a lot of people anyways) seem to have a hard time either believing or accepting that they have lost a large amount of weight and still see themselves as their former Huge selves. Now I am not even close to dainty or small, hell I am not even average sized and because of my 6'5'' frame I likely will never be BUT with that said I can honestly say that I see the difference in myself. None of my clothing fits but not because of being too tight, which is a new thing for me and when I look at the comparison pictures I take of myself every month the difference is huge! I also catch myself walking past the mirror and thinking "wow I just look like a big dude now and not a giant fat guy" (I honestly had that thought a few days ago) so things are looking good and my father had a very uncharacteristic comment to my wife last night that even made my wife think twice and make sure that it was him she was talking to, she was messing with me for my ginornmis piece of Tiramisu to him and he said "He has done a lot with his weight and a really good job and should be able to have that kind of stuff when he wants it, he deserves it" now that may not sound that far out there for a comment BUT if you knew the man you would understand, we are just not the type of fellas to say things like that and it took my wife by surprise. so with the above paragraph you can see things are going well.
This Suzuki SV1000 weighs in at 410 pounds.

This week I have lost a Porn star! Aria Giovanni weighs 124 pounds, this is one of the more mild pics I found of her, just google her name and you will see what I mean lol.

Since I posted my menu up last night when I got my new Modem installed I have nothing to post for you today as far as a menu goes, I am glad to have my internet connection back and to be able to get back on here and posting and researching things weight loss related. I will also be posting a recipe later on today or some time tomorrow for the nachos that I made a few days ago, though it is nothing spectacular or hard to figure out I figured I would post it anyways. Thanks for following along with me and keep on keepin on, because I sure am.

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  1. Congrats, Tony, for your loss this week! :D 124 pounds gone has surely made a HUGE difference in the way you look, feel, everything! You should be SOOOO proud of yourself for learning exactly how to accomplish this goal of losing weight, sticking to it, month after month after month, and helping many others stick to it as well.

    Okay. Now I've got to go, so I can Google 124-pound girl. ;)

  2. LOL Robyn I was just debating whether or not to google her, hehe!

    Tony awesome you've lost a porn star, lol! That's fantastic! I know what you mean about noticing that things have changed and your body is indeed getting smaller and glancing at yourself in the mirror isn't what it used to be! I know what you mean about the clothes not fitting...just this week both my pairs of skinny pants got too big for me!! I'm so excited.

    Congrats on being sooooooo close to getting under 400! Hopefully I'll get into the 150's the same week you get under 400...then we can parrrrrrtay! lol

  3. you lost a good looking porn star, that's for sure. Congrats on your success and your continued success.