Saturday, July 5, 2008

A night at the Hospital and a late weigh in.

It is Saturday the 5th of July, I missed my weigh in post for yesterday because I was out all day and was up late the night before because of spending 4 hours in the ER at the Hospital, a day or so before Thursday I had noticed that when my daughter went poop there was something that looked like blood in it but since we had crushed tomato in dinner the night before we did not want to panic and decided to check the next time she went, and then Thursday we were at my Mother in laws place and kiddo went to the bathroom and it was red again so we drop everything and off to the ER, we ended up sitting there for about 4 hours to thankfully find out that the red was because of what she was eating and they said it was a combination of all of the watermelon that we have been eating and that some of it was undigested melon and the dye from some fruit snacks that wify had bought last week, though I was not thrilled at the 4 hours we were there 3 of which were spent waiting to see a second doc for a whopping 3 mins, I was thrilled that it was just dye and lotsa melon, alls well that ends well and my heart is back in my chest instead of my stomach and we now have a funny story for our daughter when she gets a little older.

Some of the Chicken I grilled on the 4th, yes it was good!

Now onto the weigh in for this week, I did not weigh myself Friday morning, I was beat from the Hospital visit and we were heading out for the day and I just forgot that it was even Friday because wify was home for the holiday and before we get to what I weighed lets cover yesterday for a moment. 1685 calories were consumed and there was a dairy queen cone in there at some point, we grilled BBQ chicken on the grill and had a salad , dirty rice and corn for dinner and then went fishing for a couple hours, it was a nice easy day and just what I needed. we also had some fireworks for the kids later that night so we set those off and the kiddos loved running around with sparklers, or what passes for sparklers these days. this morning when I woke up I wanted to get right on the scale and see what the damage was because I knew I was not less than last week and I was right, I came in at four hundred thirteen pounds today which is up one pound from last week, but I do believe that last weeks weigh in was lower than it should have been because of dehydration so I am not worried about the 1 pound up that I see. We also watched a movie last night after the kiddos went to sleep, A river runs through it, I will admit that it was a good movie, I had never seen it before last night which wify couldn't believe. I did have a handful of her popcorn while watching it but I did count it on my intake so I feel no guilt for it.

Heres the things to consider with my weight this week and it will get a little nasty (poop talk coming up as well as advice needed) so if you do not wish to read about poop skip this paragraph. Houston! we have a problem! lately I have not been lets say regular, before yesterday it had been more than 2 days but less than 3 that I had a movement. and yesterday (after some fluid loading and BBQ chicken) the earth moved and septic systems everywhere groaned at what had occurred, just after dinner I had a knot in my stomach and every part of my body screamed at the same time to get into a bathroom NOW! I honestly had the image in my head from Lord of the rings where Gandalf was fighting Balrog and tells Frodo "Run you fool!" so that I did, and 30 minutes and 12 flushes later I walked downstairs weak and dazed from what had just happened looking enough like I had just run a marathon for wify to ask "are you ok? you are covered in sweat" and the rumbling subsided. with that I do want to ask for opinions and ideas as to what I can do to become more regular again, anyone that would like to take a look at my menus and maybe see something that I am missing that would cause this please all opinions will be read, just know that dehydration is not an issue 95% of the time and everything I eat is on my menus. The other thing to consider as far as my weight this morning goes is that I drank a gallon of green tea while watching the movie last night so I do believe that some of the weight has to do with that little fact.

Here is the menu from Friday.


9:00 AM
2 multi-grain english muffins 200
2 eggs 140
1 tbsp miracle whip 35

12:15 PM
3oz roasted chicken 150
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 tbsp miracle whip 35
dill pickle 5

1:00 PM
small dairy queen cone 230

6:00 PM
8.5oz chicken 425
green salad w/Newmans own light honey mustard 120
3/4 cup dirty rice 185

11:00 PM
hand full of popcorn 20

Grand total of 1685 calories for the 4th and my weight is at 413 this morning, and I am good with it all. I know this week is going to bring a big drop in weight and I honestly believe that the huge drop off at the bowl in addition to the huge amount that I drank yesterday will make a difference in what I weigh tomorrow when it all regulates a bit. Thanks for reading along.

As Ever


  1. About the poop: Eat more fruit and/or have some fruit juice every day.

    Geez...I was starting to get worried yesterday, but glad to see that you were simply off having a nice 4th of July like I was hoping you were! The chicken looks yummy...and it sounds like you had a great day! Sorry that the ER visit was lengthy, but I'm happy to hear that your heart is back in the right place now! :D

    I wouldn't worry about the weight thing this week know another big-loss week is coming up soon.

  2. i eat a teaspoon of ground flax seed in a cup of unsweetened applesauce every night before works!!

    or, i have a few prunes every morning with breakfast!!

  3. Here are a couple things that keep me 'regular'. Obviously my morning coffee. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables...and if I'm desperate a FiberOne bar. They taste amazing...especially the oats n chocolate flavor...and let me tell you they really do the trick.

  4. I am a fiber queen! having had a hemorrhoidectomy already and all!!!

    I will tell you that there is NO WAY you will ever get enough fiber in your diet UNLESS you change it pretty drastically. (not that your diet is bad--it is actually quite good)

    first off you are not dehydrated that is probably true. have you let up on your green tea? is your green tea caffeinated? caffeine actually stimulates your digestive tract and if you switched teas that may be the answer. maybe one tea has less caffeine than the other -- just a thought.

    dietary fiber is the BEST way to get regular BUT until you have your diet tweaked you could try to add a fiber supplement every other day in the evening for a few days. ALSO magnesium draws water into the colon so that will also help loosen things up. check the contraindications of magnesium first! IF you must take a laxative I would start out with colace pills they are not as "violent" as others. and I would NOT use them every day!!

    What you are aiming for is FRESH DIETARY FIBER so that the items listed above don't become your crutch.

    personally I don't dig juice -- too sweet and for the serving size/calories not enough fiber.

    I eat ton of veggie sticks and fruit. Apples, carrots, celery, radishes, beets (raw), sugar snap peas, bean sprouts, green beans (also raw,) tomatoes, oranges, lemons/limes, spinach mixed in with salads, cabbage on tacos instead of plain lettuce, I love cabbage all by itself too, raisins, prunes, dates, berries of all sorts, peppers of all sorts, squashes (i eat those stir fried usually) and my favorite trick is whole flax seeds! I just eat one or two spoon fulls every morning.

    OH and heres a cool tip! if you purchase ground or whole flax seeds -- buy them in the grocery store where they store the flours and bob's old fashioned cereals because if you get the "supplement" forms (like spectrum) they charge like four bucks more. keep it in the fridge so it doesn't get rancid.

    I buy what ever veggies and fruit are on sale.

    When I don't eat enough I use metamucil. (i hate drinking fiber -- it gives me gas and makes me bloated before it does the job)

    I do make my own hummus for dipping (super easy to whip up and way more fiber than ranch)

    surgery hurts so I eat as much veggies as I can -- even if I would rather not. If what I make for the family looks great but I haven't eaten the right foods prior to that I will forgo the dinner before me and eat extra veggies.

    if you are eating right and your stools are not hard then you are not constipated. every time we change out eating habits we also change the mechanisms that work inside too! not a lot of food in = not a lot of poop out! maybe perhaps your are used to have larger stools because you USED to eat larger amounts of food? just another thought

    check out these links: