Monday, July 7, 2008

Ding Dong The Witch is dead, but she took my internet with her...

Today is Monday, July 7th. I had a quick second from a friend's house, and I thought I would update anybody who cared real quick. Which means you, because you're obviously reading this. I have an internet problem at home right now, but a technician is coming to check it out tonight, so hopefully I'll be able to put a full post for Saturday and Sunday up later tonight. Until then, know that I'm still on track with everything. Something else I want to mention real quick, I was playing around with my food again, and no I don't mean making mountains out of mash potatoes because aliens were involved. I made some low calorie nachos last night that came out pretty good, and I'm sure I'll post that up when my net is back.

Thanks for following, until next time...hopefully

As Ever

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  1. Well....glad to know that you're having internet problems, and not abandoning me and the good old blog world! I was starting to get worried....again!!! ;)

    Hope you get the problem fixed SOON!! :D