Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday morning and thinking about things.

Today will be a good day, I don't know how to describe the feeling I have as I awake today but it will be a good day where my diet and exercise are concerned. its cool outside yet cloudy and were expecting rain today but I feel like I am energized and I cannot explain why. things have been going good and since I have started riding daily on my bike I feel like there is a new fire under me, since hitting 399 pounds it feels like I have made some real ground in tearing away all of this extra weight that has been holding me back for the last years of my life. to be back in the 300's is an amazing feeling, imagine that, almost 400 lbs feeling great?! the fact that I can say "almost" before the 400 lbs is the part that makes me feel like I made real ground with this weight loss. I cannot honestly remember the last time I weighed this much or should I say this little, in fact I do believe I weigh less today than when I met my wife 9 years ago, and if not less than I am very close to being less than when we met. My wedding band falls off of my finger and my jeans slide off of my arse, I found My tuxedo shirt that I wore at my wedding and it is too big for me, so I am definitely smaller than when I got married, all of this just floors me and I caught myself wondering if I really accomplished all that I have or if it was a joke on me some how. which of course it is not, it boils down to a lot of hard work and determination and making ground is bound to happen when you have those two things.

I plan on riding the bike today and I plan on adding a few push ups into the mix again as well because my back is feeling a bit better this week. I also have this feeling that I have made it, that I am done with the weight loss and I think its coming from the fact that I weigh the same as when I was 100% happy in life so it feels like I have crossed an imaginary finish line and that I am slowly jogging past the crowd with the blue tape on my chest flapping behind me, and the truth is that I have a very long way to go to get to a healthy weight and to hit that goal of 275 pounds that I set for myself, so I do know even though I have this feeling of accomplishment that there is a ways to go until I am actually at that finish line that I feel like I have reached.

This post just sort of flowed into how I am feeling this morning and lately so I will leave it at that. it is what it is and I am where I am in the way that I feel and its a good place. since I have reached the major goal of getting under 400 lbs I need a new goal to shoot for, I am shooting for 350 lbs but a shorter term goal is needed to keep it interesting and I am sure I will post it when I think of one. as always I thank you for reading along with my trip to the half and I will see ya at 350 lbs soon enough.

As Ever


  1. You are doing just so amazingly!! Congrats on being smaller then when you got married. I remember that momment also. I put on the outfit I wore on my wedding day ( wasnt a dress lol ) and it was huge. I just felt amazing. Its truely a beaming momment.

    You are headed for so many more beaming momments! I am excited for you and your future!!

    Keep up the inspiring work!!


  2. I can imagine how tempting it must be to just be like, "Well...I've turned back the hands of time, and gone back to the weight I was happiest at - - so now, I'm all done." But not you. I really like how you are still aiming for that "healthy weight," even though you could probably stay at the weight you are currently at for a long time and be pleased with yourself! It's like you are now walking into a territory of body-types that you've only dreamt of walking into. One of these days, you'll be that "tall, lanky, skinny guy" and I bet nobody's ever called you that before, huh?! Haha!! And, yes...I believe that 350 will be here before we know it! :) Keep up the great work, and the ever-so-awesome attitude! It has taken you very very far!

  3. Hi there,
    I have been visiting your site off and on for a time, and am a health care worker. I have mentioned it to some of my clients who have been on the journey.
    Your post about JOY at weight loss, and being where you are today touched my heart. I have lost 22# and that is lots for me, and I'm feeling very good. Yet, I have been writing in my journal about the "Out of Body' experience. It is hard for me to believe, and I am working on restructuring my synapic connections to accept myself as a "trim" person. When people comment about my slim trim etc. There is a little voice that pipes up in the back of my mind that is nasty. I am paying attention to it. Then I get myself back together, and carry on.
    The most recent client of mine,who I referred to your site, is concerned about her nine year old son's obesity, and she is changing her family's diet around to help him out. She has five children, and is learning new health habits, so you can imagine her challenge. I mentioned to her what you are doing, and suggested her son start a blog if he is a computer person.
    I think your blog may be a bit racey for a nine year old, but maybe not. Suggested she check it out, and make that decision.
    Anyway, this turned out longer than I first thought it would be. Just wanted to say, You are an inspiration! Sandy

  4. I so have that feeling sometimes too, that 'Geeze I've come so far I'm done' feeling. But I don't want to be done...I think sometimes I'm just tired and have fleeting thoughts of being done just for done's sake, you know? IDK, but I do understand that feeling.