Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Hiking for Wednesday

I missed a post for yesterday because I got too busy and never really made it to the computer for long enough to post but here I am and a Wednesday post. the intake has been good for the past 2 days besides the Dairy queen vanilla cone I had on Monday, hey a guy needs his treats right? but otherwise right on track, and I have been going hiking all week, Monday Tuesday and Wednesday we went with the hike today being the closest to a real hike, its kind of hard when ya bring the kiddos along BUT with that said today was a lot of uphill, it was through the woods and then into a bird sanctuary where the path sort of wound up the top of a hill ending in a field of wild flowers and tall grass, it was a very pleasant sight. by the time we made it almost to the top my son had had enough and wanted to rest but we pushed him to keep on going and I said to him "you are not going to let your old fat dad out hike ya are you?" while carrying my daughter on my shoulders, he just looked up at me with a very tired look and said "well I can't keep up so..." then he smiled. he also made a reference to Frodo from LOTR he said "I don't know how Frodo did that, I would have just died" he did make it all of the way but we did have to stop for about 5 minutes to let him rest on the way back down. it was a good hike and wify got to join us this time as she got out of work early today so that was nice, we also talked about making "dates" to go hiking just the two of us so I am looking forward to that. I think I am going to attempt to make hiking my main source of exercise as it is very much a cardio workout all while keeping muscles conditioned and lets not forget the views and sights are worth the hikes alone even if there was no health benefit, we started this one at 2:00PM and got back to the car at 2:56PM so just about an hour and it was non stop unlike the previous hike that I posted about and called a "walk" and I carried my daughter on my shoulders much of the way today. here is a look at what was on the menu for Tuesday, it was not the best in the world but it did the trick and that soup is insanely good to me.

This is where I hiked today.


9:15 AM
2 cups honey comb cereal 173
1 cup 1% milk 110

1:00 PM
2 multi-grain english muffins 200
2oz low fat mozz cheese 160
2 T pizza sauce 40
1 serving of Turkey pepperoni 70
Parmesan cheese 15

5:15 PM
1 peanut butter cookie 104

6:45 PM
3 cups home made soup 450
1oz tortillas 140

Grand total of 1462 calories for Tuesday, and thats the post for the day, I had a few minutes and thought I would hop on and leave some words on my little spot in the vast internet, I wanted to thank you for reading once again and I want you to know that the support is greatly appreciated. so Until next time....Keep on keepin on!

As Ever


  1. OK I'm fully caught up on your posts for the past few days and have left comments everywhere now! Phew, I wasn't gone for too long but man I missed alot, lol!

    Awww I love the Frodo remark from your little one! Perseverance I say is how Frodo did it and how your little one did too! Or my favorite thing you say-keep on keepin' on!

    I'm so glad to read that the hiking is becoming a family activity. I wish someone would like to come running with me!

  2. Did you hike at Sleeping Giant?

  3. Andee, Thanks for getting "fully caught up" ;) I appreciate the support that you give me daily.

    Sandy, Yes I have hiked Sleeping giant, I have not hiked it lately though. when i was a kid we were there often, one of my goals (that was a challenge I gave myself years ago) is to jog up to the castle there :)

    As Ever