Thursday, July 17, 2008

An evening interlude and recipe of sorts.

I had some time and was just sitting around after dinner relaxing because its still at 6:45 pm 87 degrees outside and very very humid so I am hanging in the living room with the AC on for the time being. like I said I just finished a very good dinner, I made open face BBQ Turkey burgers with fried onions topped with laughing cow swiss cheese and on the side I had some seasoned white rice with 1/4 cup of whole kernel corn mixed into it. though what I had was not low calorie by any means coming in at 750 calories it is within my calorie range (I had a light day today) and I did have 2 open faced sandwiches, this could have easily been changed to 465 calories total if one sandwich was eaten instead of two, which is what my wife had. very quickly I will run through how I made this delicious dinner.

Click the image for a full sized look, this whole plate is 750 calories and was very good.

I mixed Grillmates mesquite seasoning, garlic powder and black pepper into the ground turkey and separated it into 4oz patties and tossed them onto the grill where I already had half of an onion frying up (in a low cal cooking spray). toast 2 pieces of whole wheat bread and put it aside. when the burgers are just about done I put a bit of Hickory BBQ sauce onto the toasted bread with some of the fried onions and place the grilled burger on top of that and spread a wedge of laughing cow swiss over the burger drop a dab more BBQ sauce onto the cheese and spread it out just a bit and top with a few more onions and enjoy! the rice is just seasoned with black pepper and Goya Adobo and topped with a little corn, and of course you can see my green tea in the back ground. My wife just rolls her eyes when I take photos of my meals, but she also asked "did you want me to load these pics onto your computer for ya?" welp there ya have my little intermission, hope everyone had a good day intake wise and got some movement in.

Until next time..

As Ever


  1. dinner sounds yummy! I have been buying the frozen turkey burgers by Jennie-o. I think I will try making your recipe. They take a while to cook tho, dont they?

  2. Yum I love BBQ turkey burgers with onion!!! Delicious! Have you ever tried to grill your sliced onion on the grill while the turkey burgers are cooking? That's how I cook mine and they taste divine.