Sunday, July 13, 2008


Looks like I missed a post yesterday, so I will double up here today. Friday was a Turkey kind of day, I had it for breakfast, I had it for lunch and I had Turkey pepperoni with my dinner (English muffin pizza) I noticed that I had zero fruit or veggies so I ended the evening with 26 oz of chopped watermelon to make up the final calories and get at least some vegetation into my body and the night ended with 1476 total calories. and here is the exact menu for Friday.


10:00 AM
4oz turkey deli breast 120
3 slices light rye bread 120
1.5 tbsp miracle whip 50

2:15 PM
4oz turkey deli breast 120
2 slices light rye bread 80
1 tbsp miracle whip 35
1oz Jax 140
dill pickle 10

6:15 PM
1.5 large English muffins 285
1.5 tbsp pizza sauce 45
2oz low fat mozz cheese 160
Turkey pepperoni 90

9:30 PM
26oz watermelon 221

Grand total of 1476 calories Friday.

Screen shot of Fran and Balthier from Final fantasy 12 above, and below is another of them with Vaan (you can see his back) and Basch far right.

Yesterday (Saturday) we had a full day waking up bright and early and taking a class until about 5pm and then we came home cooked dinner and I say "cooked" loosely as we had Tuna sammies, and my lunch was less than desirable for a person that is on low calorie diet but since I was out because of the class I stopped at a pizza house that was near by and got half a chicken parm grinder with peppers and onions on it, I do not know the exact calories for it but I counted them at 600 on my Excel sheet. the rest of the day was not that great intake wise though it did start out well enough with a good solid breakfast, I did share the last piece of Tiramasu from wifys Bday and it was counted at 350, a total guess. I then played Final fantasy 12 for a little while, yes I am a Final Fantasy geek, and I played FFXI for more than four years on Asura server and was throughly addicted to it for quite some time (as was wify), and we then ended the night by watching Walk the line, welp the first half anyways as I fell asleep so I will have to watch the rest of it at some point because it was pretty good until I passed out. and with that I give you Saturdays menu.


7:45 AM
2 multi-grain english muffins 200
1 serving turkey pepperoni 70
sliced tomato 15
2 wedges laughing cow cheese 70

12:30 PM
Chicken parm Grinder 600

6:30 PM
1 can tuna 150
3 slices light rye bread 120
1 tbsp miracle whip 35
onion/tomato/pickle 25
1oz jax 140

Some time after dinner
Tiramisu 350

10:30 PM
1 apple 100

Grand total of 1875 calories for Saturday and I feel ok about it because I was out all day and very beat from my class and I know that I burned a good amount of calories throughout the day. Today (Sunday) I started out late with the intake but I will make sure I get what I need to, also I did not have one drop of green tea yesterday because we were out all day and it just plain old slipped my mind. so there you have it, the last two days in a nutshell and you found out that I am a Final fantasy geek too boot. keep on keepin on, eat moderately and come back tomorrow for the next episode of as Zeusmeatball turns.

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  2. Video game geek, lol! That's OK, I'm a geek about loads of other things:)

    You may start gobbling pretty soon with all that turkey you're eating ;)

    I absolutely love Walk the Line, it's one of my fave movies!

    Good to see you're checking your vegetation intake, it's so good for you :)

  3. I'm lovin' your menus! As Robyn told you, I have to get some weight off my dad. I rack my brain everyday to think of things he won't get bored with! Even though we've only been doing it less than a week, I want to keep variety in his diet. So thanks for all the ideas. Keep em' coming!