Friday, July 25, 2008

Made it, Ma! Top of the world! a century mark has been reached!...again!

Ok I will get right to it, this morning upon waking up I went to the scale directly and the first time on it whispered into my ear that I weighed 400.0 pounds! so as the grin crept across my face I stepped off for the second go at it and it said 399.8! so wify was sitting in the living room still as I was up earlier than normal today and I called her in to see and got on for my third time as I do every Friday and 400.0 again! Made it Ma! Top of the world! that is a 4 pound loss for me this week and a century mark is reached! again! this is the second century mark that I have realized since starting this weight loss adventure seven short months ago. let us just say that today is a good day for me and a new fire has been sparked underneath me to work even harder than I have been, is that even possible?! I am unsure but today I feel like I can do anything and come out on top. so yeah there ya have it, I have done it, I made it to another century mark and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I thought that getting under 500 lbs was an amazing thing and that was 100 pounds ago! getting to 400 feels amazing, and the fact that I did it in less than seven months floors me.
This 1992 Katana 400 weighs in at 400 lbs

and this cheese burger weighs in at 134 lbs which is what I have lost to date.

All together I rode the bike yesterday for 47 minutes in two sessions, my calories came in at 1437 for the day and I am very happy with how my week turned out, a 4 pound loss, I hit a century mark and I am back to exercising daily because the back pain has gone down enough to allow it, and the fact that I dipped into the 399's is the icing on the cake I got back on the scale again after my usual 3 and it w 399.8 again and have to admit that I felt good seeing that 3 in the front spot. I would also like to mention that wify hit 180lbs this morning and was excited to see it, after all it was her goal weight from the start, and that makes 56 pounds that she has lost since Jan 1st, so combined we have dropped 190 pounds! woah! yep, I can say its a good day round this house today.

So there ya have it folks, I shall call it a 4 pound loss for the week and I shall call it 400 lbs on the nose for the weight even though I did have 2 solid 399.8 weights, I always round up so the 399 remains as a smile on my face for now. Thanks for following this large fella on his trip to becoming twice the man that he can be by becoming half the man he is.

As Ever


  1. YAY! You two have made some major changes and reaped incredible results. I am so happy for you both. I applaud you dilligence and stick to it-ness. I am sure only good things follow. Congratulations!!!

  2. Hey There,
    I must admit I regularly stalk your blog :-)
    You are such an inspiration! It has been amazing watching your journey, and it has helped me begin and stick to my own as well!
    I woke up this morning thinking 'he's under 400 today' and ran to the computer! Hubby thinks I'm a little nuts because I get so excited for someone I don't know! But I just told him how much you lost in such a short time and he was pretty wowed too!
    So, thanks for the motivation and congrats on your accomplishments!!!

  3. Thank you guys for the comments, they are always appreciated :)

    Tam, do you blog or just "stalk" others? lol stalking is not bad heh, I was just wondering.

    As Ever

  4. Yay Tony I'm so excited for you and wify both! Milestones abound I tell you because I had a milestone of my own that I just posted about on my blog!

    OK, wify seriously...we need progress pictures! You've lost 56 lbs! Holy cow that's incredible!

    Tony, dude, I totally knew that you'd either hit 400 on the nose or get just under for this week...I just had a feeling :) So so so proud of you that you don't let that darn back aggravation get the better of you when it strikes!

  5. If I could leave an audible comment on here, it would be of me singing in my bestest (and most annoyingly horrible) opera voice the following lyrics, "Hallll-ELUJAH!! Halllll-ELUJAH!!! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! Hal-aaayyyy-LUJAH!!!!" (repeat about 10 times)
    Congrats, congrats, congrats! You have done SOOOOOO awesome this year, and I think it's very important to tell you to tell wify that she has done MAGNIFICANT as well!! What a team you two are! I'm very impressed...and I get gladder and gladder (is "gladder" even a real word??) each time you post a weigh in that I found your blog in the first place. I gotta say: Part of me is glad that you still intend to lose so much more weight...because I don't know what I'll do if you ever lose it all and quit blogging!!!!! But, of course, I'll be rooting for you to keep losing as long as you are taking your "trip to the half." :)
    BTW: I agree with Andeely - - it's way past time, wify, to see a comparison pic of you! You've reached your goal (even though a little birdie told me that you may have set a new goal)!!!!!!! That's so awesome.
    I bet you two are going to have a Grrrrrrrrrreat "Tony the Tiger" kind of weekend! :) Hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to do a lot of victory dances!

  6. Wanted to leave my comment here even though I left one on Spark. Aside from congrats on your weight loss, I wanted to say I know where that photo of the hamburger comes from. It was from a bar/grill that is about 20 minutes from my house. The placec is names Mallie's. They wanted to get in the Guiness Book of World Records for having the largest hamburger.

    I forget how many pounds of ground beef and fixins it took to make the hamburger, but it's on the regular menu now, with a 24 hour notice, so the kitchen can get ingredients and make it. Cost is somewhere around $300-350.
    I understand that the place had SRO crowd when the hamburger was revealed. Photos were taken, etc, etc and the hamburger made it into the Book of World Records. The burger fed the crowd quite well, from what I read.