Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The day after tomorrow is now.

Day after day the same thing happens lately, I wake up and I figure out what I will have for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I figure out my day give or take and I follow that menu for that day, I try to exercise daily and have been failing in that dept lately but not totally and it is being rectified. I did ride the bike yesterday and tossed in 55 push ups as well and the same is on the exercise menu for today, I told my wife after I worked out last night "honey I have no clue why I stopped, I love the way I feel afterwards" she just laughed at me in that kind of way that people do when they already know what you just told them. getting the gears turning and the fluid pumping through the machine is always the way to get motivation flowing through ones body, we are after all machines and if you let a machine sit too long without moving it will rust and become a useless pile of metal and hydraulic fluid, or in this case bone and guts. I am reminded of something Phil said "Immovable stone in your world of the weak" This is where I was mentally at a point in my life when I weighed 300 pounds, its all coming back lately and I like it.

Intake for the day was pretty good as well coming in at 1395 calories for the day and included a couple pieces of fruit and some chicken veggie soup so I am happy with the menu from the day. I said it yesterday and I will restate it today, eating right is coming as natural to me as walking these days, at one point I thought to myself "how in the hell am I suppose to eat that way and stick to it daily" and now I wonder why it was such a hard thing to do because it isn't and its just that simple, The power of knowledge is an amazing thing. Something else I will mention is as I passed a mirror in the bathroom last night I removed my shirt and caught a glimpse of something that I had not seen in a while, so I stood facing the mirror and I could see the wall behind me through the gap between my arms and my torso, "WTF" I thought "when did that happen??" and I didn't look like myself to me, the upper half of my body actually looked completely different than I had remembered it for so long but my gut remains if not much smaller. there are collar bones and bulges from where muscles are now showing on my upper body again and I honestly cannot remember the last time I remember seeing that, maybe 10 plus years ago before I even met my wife. Now I am not saying that I looked like some young Adonis but wow I can see and recognize Muscle groups in my chest shoulders and arms again and it was sort of a wow moment for me. Ok enough about that for now here is the menu from Monday for your viewing pleasure.


8:15 AM
2 multi-grain english muffins 200
turkey pepperoni 55
sliced tomato 15
2 wedges laughing cow cheese 70

10:30 AM
1 apple 100

3:00 PM
2 multi-grain english muffins 200
1.5oz light mozz cheese 120
2.5 tbsp pizza sauce 40
1 serving turkey pepperoni 70

6:30 PM
2 cups home made soup 300
1oz tortilla chips 140

9:00 PM
1 pear 85

Grand total of 1395 calories for the day and the stone keeps on rolling. The results keep on coming in and the weight is dropping like it should be, I am happy with what I am doing and I know that what I am doing is great for me and my physical self. things are indeed good right now and I hope to be able to give you all a post come Jan1st 2009 where I can say that I am down 200 pounds in a years time, which is a goal of mine that I don't think I have ever mentioned here and will put me at 334 pounds, that number is unbelievable to me when I think about it but I would have to lose 12 pounds per month until then to hit that goal so I do think it is an attainable goal without being a sure thing. Thank you for following along with my weight loss and thanks for the support.

As Ever


  1. Wow.....if you get on here on January 1st, 2009, and tell us that you have lost 200 pounds in a year, we're really going to have to think of some kind of award to give to ya or something! Boy oh boy...that will be SO awesome!
    I know what you mean about wondering why you stop exercising, since you know good and dang well that you feel awesome after you work out! I'm the same way. I know I feel great afterwards....then why do I convince myself to put it off until later constantly?? Self-punishment of some sort I'm sure. Maybe I don't want myself to feel so good. Now, isn't that dumb?? I say we do it anyway this week....just get up and get in the workouts that we plan on getting in...and enjoy how great we'll feel afterwards! :)

  2. Hi. I just want to tell you BRAVO! I am so impressed with your commitment.

    I currently weigh 300 lbs....down from 440. Weight loss is so much slower now but I am plugging away. Only 150 more to go! I am guessing it will take me 2 years but I hope it is alot less.

    I bike everyday too. I love reading your menus--what is striking to me is that it appears you have found a way to make what you like to eat work by watching calories rather than follow a specific diet.

    I started out on South Beach and now do a modified version--basically eating South Beach allowable foods but not on the tight schedule. It was stressing me out so this works much better for me and I am still losing (albeit slower but I also think that has alot to do with the weight that I started at--a helluva alot easier to lose quicker when you are that big!)

    Keep up the good work. I am cheering you on!

    Where in New England do you live?

    M in Maine

  3. Thanks for the comments guys :) anonymous, I am in CT, Thank you for popping in and taking the time to leave me a comment. do you have a blog? or an email? I would love to hear your story.

    As Ever