Thursday, April 1, 2010

I said hallelujah to the 16 loyal fans.

Sometimes I get in a mood where I feel unstoppable and yesterday was one of those days, Heading out to the gym I was in a good place feeling like it was time to get serious again with my workouts. Low Fidelity All stars on the radio and the weather is warming up after our Ark building weather here in the New England and its leveling off again for me. Straight to the bike I went where I found someone on the bike that I usually ride and all of the rest taken besides the one in the corner which is coincidentally the one that I use to go to for that very reason so in my head I think "Now don't you know that's MY bike man??" and onto the corner bike I went. Twenty five minutes and almost 9 virtual miles later I am warmed up and onto my bestest friend in the whole gym Mr. Arc-trainer, level 80 was set on the display and I stayed at 103 rpms for 15 minutes. Straight to the treadmill where I did 3.5mph @ a 5.5% incline for another 25 minutes and I blurted out "I been thinkin of bustin you Upside ya motherfuckin forehead" actually just the "Upside ya motherfuckin forehead" was out loud but a quick look around and I am pretty sure no one was close enough to hear it so now I can add Move bitch to my list of blurted out songs at the gym.

That unstopable feeling is great while at the gym because its like I feel nothing negative, the burn in my legs is welcomed and I look forward to the sweat on my head so a good workout is inevitable. I stayed on point with my intake for Wednesday as well having a total of 1780 which is technically 80 calories over my limit but I am ok with that. Those 80 calories over was because of snatchy hands and some powdered cheese covered evilness that made its way into my cabinet, spicy Doritos. Wify gave me that look that grandma would give you if she caught ya elbow deep in the cookie jar and stated forcefully "You had better weigh that if you are going to eat it! DO IT NOW Tony!" then she declared herself the food police, so I complied and tossed my booty onto the Salter scale where it read 16g so I added it to the spreadsheet, I did not however get the pat down from the food cop that I was hoping for though. Have a look at my menu from yesterday.

7:15 AM
2 cups honey combs 220
8oz 1% milk 110

11:30 AM
Dark chocolate zone bar 190

2:30 PM
2 80 cal rolls 160
5oz ground turkey 200
1oz doritos 140

5:45 PM
2 jenny o turkey hot dogs 140
2 hot dog rolls 240
2oz ground turk (chili) 80
1 can green beans 70

7:00 PM
2 brussel sprouts/8 tiny grape tomatoes 40

8:00 PM
2 small oranges 120

8:30 PM
1/2 oz doritos 70

G-Tea 1 Gallon
H2O 1.25 Gallons

Tomorrow is the final day in my April 2nd challenge and I will be no where close to where I was expecting to be when I started that April goal which is of course below 300 pounds. I am ok with that as there were some humps in the road especially this last month with being sick for almost 2 solid weeks and a few things that go unmentioned on this blog but I set a goal to get to 300 pounds by May 1st so we shall see how that goes. Tomorrows weigh in number will be the base number, or starting point if you will for the May challenge and I will change the chart on the side bar after I step on the scale in the morning. Today is suppose to hit 70 degrees and the water has stopped falling from the sky and spilling from the rivers for now so a bike ride may be in order at some point today but that will be after the gym so its looking like a good day for movement and the food police will keep me in check on the other stuff if I start to slip.

In the words of Porky pig, th th th that's all folks!

As Ever


  1. A kick-butt workout, good calories, do-or-die attitude and a plan moving forward...sounds like you are on fire. See you at 299!

  2. That's a lot of food for the final total calorie count. i like your menu. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I blurt out plenty of songs at the gym :) And I dont care who hears me. I swear a lot too. :P

    This weekend is going to rock weather-wise. I cant wait!

    You'll get there Tony. You are doing an awesome job.

  4. oops that was me :)

  5. todays weighin now.

    heres to a great day.