Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zeusmeatball featured in Woman's day? oh me oh my!

The week is looking decent and I was lower in weight this morning than I was yesterday, I haven't got back to the gym just yet but today I am planning on poppin in for a ride on the bike perhaps more a little later. My intake was on par and I have upped my calories just to see what happens, I am eating around 1900 calories per day all week so far and I want to see what happens for a week or two at this rate just for kicks. Oh yeah and as the title of this post may lead one to believe, I was featured in a Woman's day article with Wify and 6 other couples in a "couples edition" weight loss before and after which was pretty cool! Here is the link for the article Woman's day article featuring Zeusmeatball. I was contacted by Grant from sparkpeople asking me if I was interested in a National magazine opportunity and I thought that it could be fun so I agreed and shortly after I was contacted by Woman's day and viola! there you have it.

We were asked a few questions by Woman's day and while we were answering them Wify started crying when she said that "I feel like I got my boyfriend back" which is quoted in the article and I had a moment of raw happiness because I know how much I've effected not only myself but the person that I consider the only gal for me. I have said this before and I have to reiterate it so much because its the truth, I started this blog 2 years ago as a way to possibly stay on track because one or two people might just find what I was writing interesting enough to give me some accountability and its become much more than that for me. From being asked to go to the Dr Oz show to now being featured in an article for a national magazine article its more than I would ever thought could come from a fat guy trying to get healthy and I still have a long way to go.

I needed something like this to get me back into the full swing of why I am doing this whole health thing, and I don't exactly mean the article. My wife being happy because she feels like she got her boyfriend back is more than enough to get me rolling in the right direction again, not that I was rolling in the wrong direction but I was in a stress situation and not moving forward when I still have so far to go in order to get to that end game that I am looking for. I (we) have come a long way since that cold day back in 2008 when a decision was made, more than 300 pounds have been lost between my wife and myself, 225 of that off of my bones alone and things are getting back to normal all because of a whole lotta discipline and bust assedness that is being applied on a daily basis.

I am going to post up a weight come Friday and unfortunately it does not look as if I will get under 300 pounds by May 1st but I am ok with that as I have come to understand this isn't a race and as cool as its going to feel to get under that milestone I can wait. The plan is to eat well, drink a plenty and start hitting the gym regularly again and I think that I will have a big drop in the next week or two just because of the calorie change and the getting back in the gym after almost a two week hiatus.

Thanks for following along while this fat guy gets slim and thanks for all of the support that you give me along the way.

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  1. You guys look great together! Bravo to your wife for losing 74 lbs- she looks amazing :D

  2. I'm so glad you are both so happy.

    And you're famous now!

  3. Agreed. You guys both look awesome! I am fighting that 300 pound number as well and seem to be struggling, so maybe we will get there together.

  4. Congrats on the article! Thats a pretty woman youve got there! You look great together.