Monday, April 12, 2010

Appreciating exercise and an answer to why I love it so.

Moving right along and the start of a new week is upon us, Over all I did very well this weekend with all aspects of this whole better health thang, almost. Saturday was date night with wify and Clash of the Titans was decent, I felt that it didn't stick to the story exactly but a good watch none the less, call me a movie nerd but Bubo needed to be a character in the flick and he wasn't so it was lacking for me. Anyways, I did get to the gym Saturday afternoon and made an awesome BBQ chicken on the grill with a honey pecan sauce that was pretty amazing with some of my rice and beans but I ended up going over on my calories because of the movie treat. Now before you start snapping your fingers and rolling your eyes because you think that I ate popcorn and chocolate know that I bought an apple, a gallon of green tea and a bag of light sour cream rice cakes to have as a movie snack so though I went over it was by about 250 calories because of the rice cakes and I actually woke up Sunday lighter than Friday.

Sunday we went to a flea market and that messed up my eating program as it was hours between breakfast and lunch and I did not bring anything to drink and refused to pay three dollars for a 12oz bottle of water. I did stay under calories for the day but by 3:00pm I was sunburned if only slightly, tired and hungry and we bought some Turkey breast for lunch and headed home to a picnic lunch out on our picnic table. I did get a couple decent scores at the flea market in the way of a new collapsible fishing pole for my back pack and an old school Starr X bottle opener to put out on my porch as someone is always looking for a way to crack a Corona open for the low low price of $11 for both items, $8 for the pole and $3 for the opener. My father came up for a visit so we didn't really do anything that could be called exercise besides the few hours walking around the flea market but I felt good about the day over all and everyone seemed to have a good time.

My rod and opener.

close up of the bottle opener.

I am heading into this week with high hopes that I will have a great weigh in again come Friday and will do everything in my power to make sure that if I don't that it was not for lack of bust assedness. Being so close to that 300 pound mark has gotten me all Ornery and I am planning to bombard my body with exercise this week while staying within my calorie range which should produce a good number come weeks end. Making good choices where food is the subject is a HUGE part of why I have been able to take off 225 pounds and keep it off, even when I slowed way down with the pace I was still not gaining which showed me that I can maintain without too much change in what I was doing and that really is one of the most important things. If I were to lose all of the weight that I need to lose because I was starving myself and doing an unrealistic plan then when the time came to maintain I would be lost. I am confident that I will keep every last pound off once I reach my goal weight and I will continue to get healthier and stronger every day because I truly have changed the way that I see food and exercise.

In five days time we shall find out how much closer to my goal that I am, in five days time will be another "official" for the blog weigh in and every day that I follow my plan I will be stronger than I was the day before. This is just how it is for me, I don't want to know anything else, I don't want to be on the wrong side of health ever again and I am refusing to walk over there again. I get asked often in emails and or comments about my exercise and the way that I feel about it, in fact just this morning I got an email saying " How did you come to love it as you do?" referring to exercise. I suppose the only answer is that when you have seen 500 plus pounds and what that has to offer, being unable to run with your child, or walk with your wife without turning 12 shades of red and getting soaked with sweat, sore back for 3 days after, or just being left out of most of the things that happen daily and go unappreciated by somebody that's never been as good as tied to a couch an appreciation for the movement occurs. I would compare it to caging an animal for years and making it watch the other animals run care free and untethered while it sat in the cage unable to do anything and then one day opening the cage and letting it go, that animal appreciates the freedom more now than it did before the cage and that's the only way that I can explain it. That and the fact that I love the way that I feel after a good solid workout, my wife says to me when she notices that I am in a not so good mood "Go outside and run around for a few minutes or something" and she says that about 30 minutes of hiking/walking that I suddenly get a case of diarrhea of the mouth so there is obviously more going on than just the un-caging but it is how I feel about it.

My day is starting and I have lots to do so this episode of as the fat guy turns has run its course, Thanks for following and thanks for all of the support. Make sure you drink that H2O and the rest is up to you so before you slip that brownie into your mouth think about how its gonna look on your ass and then decide if you want it, I bet ya put it down.

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  1. Awesome week for you, Tony. Thanks for your encouragement, as always. Looks like we're both racing toward 299. See you there.

  2. Hey I'm really starting to love my exercise as well. Sometimes it's hard to get started but once I get going i am good. And the post workout feeling is awesome. Like crazy natural high.

    LOL.... speaking of drugs my word verification word is "Pharmia"

  3. I liked that analogy of the caged animal versus the free ones. Fat can really hold us prisoners from the simplest things.

  4. I'm so glad I stumbled across your SP page! Your story is amazing and your attitude is awesome!!
    Thank you for sharing your journey and encouraging us all!!

  5. That exercise is just so addictive too!

  6. My husband had the exact same opinion about COTT- he felt that Bubo should have been in the movie also. He didn't like most of the changes lol. I thought the movie was okay but honestly I was counting down till it was over lol.