Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 836 and a weigh in.

As predicted by my daily weigh ins this week its not one for the record books, I did show a slight loss but nothing that would match the effort that went into this week and that can sometimes be a bit frustrating but it is what it is. I stepped onto that cold black measurer of flab and it said 309.2 lbs the first time on, blah! that's only .2 lower than last week but better than a gain I suppose, second time on it said 308.8 lbs so onto the kitchen floor for the tie breaker and it said 308.8 lbs once again so that's what we'll call it for today. I am down just slightly more than a half of a pound from last week with a .6 loss and though I should be happy that its a lower number I am a bit annoyed by this number today, I am not down or anything about it just annoyed a bit because I know what went into this week. I seem to cycle one great week followed by a not so great week and back again and I am not too worried about what the scale said today as there is always next week.

Having a week like this where I do everything 100% and have a .6 loss makes me think about what I am doing and am I missing something but then I have a week like last week where I had more than a 5 pound loss doing the exact same thing and I just chalk it up to there will be variations. I averaged my calories per day for the week and I am pretty much perfect with an average of 1760 per day when added together and divided, I made it to the gym five days this week not including today so that will be six days this week and I got in good solid work outs every day. Sleeping was good this week and there was only one night that I got less than optimal rest and I drank more than enough fluids so biology is to blame this week for the less than stellar drop and again I am left thinking about whether I need to adjust my calories from the 1700 that I currently eat per day.

This orange represents .6 of a pound and that's what I lost this week.

Onto how Thursday played out, I ate 1705 total calories, drank 1 gallon of green tea and 1.25 gallons of H2O and I slept my 8 hours last night so that was all good. My trip to the gym was slightly different than usual and I decided that I was going to do 45 minutes on the arc trainer and let me tell ya it kicked my arse! When I got off of that thing I was soaked and knew that I had worked out, upon getting to the gym there was a fella on the arc trainer that I wanted to use so I hopped onto the bike to warm up a bit and I ended up riding for 15 minutes while he finished up. Onto the arc I go, set it to level 85 and I started in on myself, 15 minutes in I started thinking "I should just do 20 minutes" after calling myself a pussy ass punk for even thinking that I brought up the rpm's to punish myself for letting a weak thought into my head. At the 30 minute mark I did drop the resistance down to 80 and I finished off my 45 minutes there and my new gym play list that I put on the mp3 player yesterday helped because I wasn't sure what song was coming next or its duration, I finished up with a 10 minute cool down walk on the treadmill and back home I went.

The play list.

Fall out boys - Dance Dance Dance
Gia Farrel - Hit me up
Gwen Stefani - Holla back girl
Rob Base - it takes two
Justin Timberlake - Sexy back
Live - I Alone (acoustic)
Limp Bizkit - Livin' it up
Busta Rhymes - Pass the Courvoisier pt 2 (jump jump)
Lynard Skynard - Simple man
Ludacris - Stand up
Limp Bizkit (feat Eminem) - Turn me loose
DMX - up in here

That play list is a bit different and kind of mixed but then that's what I was going for when I loaded it and it did the trick of making me not really notice the time. My May 1st goal is now 8.8 pounds from being realized and that means that I need to do an average of 4.4 pounds per week for the next two weeks and honestly that looks like quite the task. Everyone of you reading this knows that I am going to push myself to the limit to try and hit that number that is a long time coming and I will get sub 300 pounds to show up on that scale at some point but I do think that I may need to consider either less exercise which we all know won't happen, or I need to adjust my calories somewhere and I don't think down is the direction they need to go in. I burn a ton of calories at the gym each day and according to the burned calorie calculator on the sidebar I burned 1200 calories yesterday in the 45 minutes on the arc and I didn't even input the bike or treadmill time into that 1200 so perhaps I need a few more calories to keep the engine running efficiently but its not an easy change to make for me.

Over all the week is a success because I did not gain anything and did show a loss even if it was a mere .6 of a pound, I am a week stronger and I proved to myself that I can do sprints as well as go 45 minutes on the arc-trainer without too much fuss other than a soaked shirt. Figuring out the calories in vs calories burned along with what the scale says at the end of the week will be the plan for this weeks adventures, perhaps I leave it alone for a week and see where the weight goes before I make any changes or maybe some time mid week I switch things up, all to be found out but I do know that I will eat within whatever range I have, I will workout at least 6 days this week and I will sleep enough because its what I have to do to get where I am headed.

Since the loss is less than a pound and I round up for the most part no images of what I have lost total will be posted today and I will call it 309 lbs still. Thanks for reading along as this fella drops literally an entire person worth of weight off of his body and brings himeslf into a healthy body, your comments and support mean more than you know.

As Ever


  1. A loss is a loss and that is progress. Keep up the great work. I personally struggle at lower calories, so if I were you (and I am not) I would increase my aerobic activity to burn a few hundred more calories instead of taking them away from you intake.

  2. I feel like a wimp compared to you two. I am not exercising much at all lately, but the pounds have been coming off, so I've been happy. But I may have plateaued (sp?). I haven't lost a pound since Monday, which is unusual for me. Maybe my body is getting used to the calorie level (1,700) and I have finally got to really start exercising daily. Thoughts?

  3. Losingharry, I am not thinking about taking calories away, I was thinking about adding them and as far as my gym workouts go I think it would be hard to add much more into them as I am currently doing 50-60 minutes of cardio plus strength training (ST is 3 times weekly) per gym visit which is 5-6 times per week ;)

    Clyde, email incoming, its funny that you wrote what you did as I was going to email you later today.

    and as always thanks for the support and advice fellas!

    As Ever

  4. Congrats on the loss. I know how it feels to feel gypped like that though. Keep up the good work tony.