Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Express yourself

Falling into a groove with my program again and the weather is nice so I have been getting in an extra bike ride after dinner, all is going well. My intake was 1695 for the day, I got to the gym for 55 minutes of cardio and some weight lifting and I drank 2.75 gallons of green tea and H2O but I did fall short on sleep last night by staying up a bit too late, no worries but it should be mentioned. I really have nothing too profound to write about this morning besides the just about perfect day that I had yesterday and the fact that I feel like awesomeness in a box for it. It’s not what you look like, when you’re doin' what you’re doin'. It’s what you’re doin' when you’re doin' what you look like you’re doin'! and that's where I am, the threshold of not caring about whats around me when I workout is being crossed daily and I dare ya to get in my way.

There is a comfort level that seems to come the more weight that comes off and the more that I can see the hard work thats being put into every day that does not exist when you are 500 pounds. Its a hard thing to explain but in my head I call it "being comfortable" creative eh? but what I mean is that with being fat comes the tugging at clothing to make sure a roll is not sucking a shirt in or twisting jeans so that boxers are not riding out of them, its a constant adjustment battle with clothing and rolls that turns into a real hassle that is there all of the time. I see people that are not over weight walking and they look so comfortable and what they are wearing is just that, its clothing and not a sparring partner which is something that's far and in between for us more rotund folks. I think about the chub and what its doing pretty much 24/7, its like it has a mind of its own and I just want to walk down the street without adjusting clothing one time! the day is coming I assure you.

I have tunnel vision right now, I hit the top of a hill and am on the way down and the brakes are not enough until I get the bottom which is hopefully 275 pounds. There is something about the warmer weather that makes me want to just bust ass with the exercise and this week I have been on point with that but am afraid that its not going to show come Friday because of my Easter day escapades with the indulgences. Its funny how one day can completely set a whole week back where the scale is concerned but I find it equally amusing when I have that perfect week and the weight falls off so I ain't crying about it because it is what it is and well, yeah. I have been getting a lot of emails and inquiries about posting up my menus again so I have been doing that and here is yesterdays for you to ponder, notice a pattern from day to day?

7:15 AM
2 cups honey combs 220
8oz 1% milk 110

11:45 AM
Dark chocolate/almond zone bar 190

2:30 PM
3oz turkey breast 90
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 T miracle whip 40

6:00 PM
6 slices turkey bacon 150
4 slices whole wheat toast 280
lettuce/tom 30
1 T Miracle whip 60
12oz mashed turnips 150

7:30 PM
1 apple 85

8:30 PM
1 Yoplait yogurt 100

8:45 PM
1/2 Yoplait yogurt 50

That's a total of 1695 total calories and I drank 1 gallon of green tea and about 1.75 gallons of straight up good old fashioned H2O, I am noticing that I am light on the fruits and veggies lately so that will be adjusted accordingly. Today is going to be the same as yesterday, I will go to the gym, I will drink like a fish, I will eat my allotted calories and I will try and get out for a post dinner bike ride I figure why mess with what works right? Until then stay the course and keep on keepin on and all that, YOU are the only thing holding yourself back so remove the mental from the equation and get moving more and eating less.

As Ever


  1. Well said! All of it! Seriously, I read your post and I find myself going---"yep, yep...oh yeah, been there---I know exactly what he's writing about here..." The clothing issues---the tugging and pulling---oh, how I did that all the time, still catch myself doing it.
    Proud to follow you my friend,

  2. I know what you mean about the 'clothing tug-of-war' sucks! I would love to be able to just pull a shirt and pants out of the closet and not have to worry about fit and what covers what!!!