Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 828, pre weigh in and my weight chart.

This week has gone well and its time to get on that scale tomorrow morning, will there be a loss? a gain perhaps? break even? I have a feeling there will be a loss but unsure exactly how much as its been an odd week. Making great choices with my food has been easy besides on Easter Sunday and I know that I was up in weight on Monday but I have been to the gym every day this week as well as taking an after dinner ride on my bike so I have the movement covered. I need to lose 3.7 pounds by tomorrow to be on track where my 300 pounds by May 1st goal goes and I just don't think its going to happen because of last weekend and all of the Easter goodness.

My plan when I began was simple, I was going to count my calories and move as much as I could and I had incredible success with that, I dropped weight like it was my job and did not enjoy my exercise but I did it. Eventually I started lightning up on myself and letting calorie amounts slip slightly, 50 here 75 there but I was amping up the exercise so it was ok that I ate a little more and my weight graph showed a downward trend so I was happy with how I was doing things. Now I am working out 5-6 times per week sometimes 7 days per week and am leaps and bounds ahead of where I started, I do lots of cardio daily and I can see results in the way that I look and feel. I am eating strictly within my calorie limits again, not that I ever really stopped as much as giving myself some wiggle room but I am focused on an end goal of hitting 275 pounds and getting under 300 by May 1st.

This is my weight progression chart starting at day one, click it for a larger image.

Here is a look at yesterdays menu which came in at 1765 total calories.

7:15 AM

2 cups honey combs 220

8oz 1% milk 110

10:00 AM

1 apple 85

11:30 AM
Dark chocolate zone bar 190

2:30 PM
3oz dark turkey meat 150
2 slices whole wheat bread 140

1 T miracle whip 40

Yoplait yogurt 100


5:45 PM

4oz turkey breast 120

3 slices whole wheat bread 210

1 T miracle whip 40

1 oz dark meat turkey 50

1 eight oz tomato 40

2 pickles 15

7:45 PM
1 hard boiled egg 70
1 apple 85

9:00 PM

Yoplait yogurt 100

Tomorrow I weigh in and though I don't think there will be a huge loss I do believe that I will weigh less than I did last Friday, whatever it is I know that I am a week stronger than I was. My daughter has no school for the next couple of days so I will be forced to go to the gym later than I normally do which may be a good thing breaking up the rhythm of going at roughly the same time every day so maybe not a bad thing. The mornings number will be another tick mark on my graph, a new number for the record book and hopefully closer to my end goal of weighing less than I do today. Thanks for following along while I whittle my arse into a smaller version of what it is right now, that's it for this episode of as the fat guy turns so make sure to pop on in tomorrow to see what that magical number is.

As Ever


  1. I love the idea of being a week stronger!

  2. Keep it up! You will do great! love watching your progress!


  3. Yeah, you'll hit 299 by May 1st. Looking forward to seeing your weigh-in tomorrow.

  4. Thanks guys! the support is appreciated.

    Clyde, I am going to try and get there before the end of the month but we shall see.

    Andrew it could look a bit better in the later part of it but I will take it as is ;)

    As Ever