Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bikes and a menu, and and and...

A stellar day for the exercise gods to stare down upon me and give me an approving nod for my efforts yesterday because I busted arse. In the beginning of my day I was tired because of my son waking up at 4am and sneaking around the house looking for food and entertainment and I thought about how it could effect my day. It was decided early on that I was going to go forward with my day and that I did, it was a day for the bikes on all sorts of levels and the day started with me assembling a bike that we bought for my daughter only to find out that the crank was all wonky so back to the store it went. Some yard work was done early on and off to the gym where 20 minutes on the bike started me off followed by 10 on the arc-trainer and some weight lifting for biceps, shoulders and back and then 30 minutes on the treadmill 5.5% incline @3.4 mph finalized my trip to the gym. Feeling good at this point home I went to enjoy lunch which was just a plain Jane turkey sandwich made with the turkey that I cooked for Sunday dinner, have a look at yesterdays menu.

7:15 AM
2 cups honey combs 220
8oz 1% milk 110

11:45 AM
zone bar 190

2:45 PM
2 slices wheat bread 140
4oz turkey breast 120
1 T light mayo 50

5:45 PM
5 oz turkey breast 150
3 slices wheat bread 210
1 T mayo 50
12oz mashed turnips 150
8oz mashed cauliflower 160

9:00 PM
1 yoplait whipped yogurt 100
1 apple 85

Total calories for Monday came in at 1735 and I drank 1 gallon of green tea and 1.5 gallons of straight H2O. After dinner I decided that I was going to hop on the bike and take her for a spin and see if I could actually make it up that hill where I popped my chain last week and I headed out. The ride was fairly short at about 5 miles round trip but it is somewhat of a decent workout ride because of the hills that are along the way and I was coming up on that big ol hill and dropped the bike into a lower gear...I tried to at least. I found out that I need to adjust my front derailleur because the chain would not drop onto the small front gear so I ended up stopping to get it in gear before continuing up the incline. At the top of the hill I looked back and its steeper from that angle but I was there and I continued down the other side where I turned around in a field and headed back home. Let me tell ya that going down that hill is a lot more fun than going up but my Darwin meter did start going off about half way down when I hit 33 mph and the smallest adjustment in direction showed me how responsive the steering is at that speed not to mention the 25 mph speed limit and the "slow curves" sign up ahead, I rode the brakes down the better part of that decline while visions of road rash danced in my head.

I had plans for today but it started raining while I was writing this entry and I hope that it quits before too long as I promised the little one a ride on her new new bike that I just finished assembling and I had hoped to get a ride in myself later today. The itinerary for today says to stick to the plan and bust ass at the gym, eat within my calorie range and drink a plenty because I was a bad boy on Easter and have some catching up to do with the drop in weight for the week to make that 3.7 pounds that I need to average to hit that May 1st goal of being under 300 pounds which is a long time coming.

Eat to live instead of living to eat and move daily and things seem to fall into place.

That's all I got

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  1. Tony, I remember the day I put the 10-speed away because I was just too big anymore. I can't wait to feel the breeze and sun on my face again riding. Good Job on such a good day!

  2. You are truly an inspiration...still plugging away. I read you everyday...only comment every once in awhile. I really like when you post your food intake for the day...very helpful visualizing :) I actually can't wait to get a bike...mine broke a few years ago and I just never replaced it partly because I probably wouldn't have used it anyway...I definitely would now! Made a new post today on my blog :)

  3. Just when you aren't expecting it...... bike porn!

    Good job but 33mph on a mountain bike would scare anyone.