Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pre weigh in thoughts, what will the scale say...

Something funny going on with the weight this week because upon waking up this morning I am actually up in weight by about half a pound its more than I was last Friday and that's just not cool. This up on the scale is odd because I have done everything right this week, my calories are in check and I have been to the gym every day this week, the only thing that I can think of that could be messing with me is the fact that I lifted weights on Monday and my chest is still sore a tad and sore muscles usually mean there is some water retention. I am on the fence with what I should do today as far as the gym goes, on the one hand I feel that I should go and beat the hell out of myself on an arc trainer and take a loss on the scale tomorrow with a show of force but on the other side is taking a day off to see if I am over training as I have been getting in some pretty decent workouts this week. It would be too easy to stay home today and knit so of course I will go beat the shit out of myself in an effort to come in lower tomorrow than I am as of 10 minutes ago but man, what the...

Anyways...nothing good shall come from getting stuck on a slight up on the scale when I know how hard I've worked, I am stronger for the week of exercise and hey! its nor Friday just yet so we shall see what happens. I tried something a little different at the gym yesterday in the way of sprints/intervals on the treadmill, it was different and I knew that I was working out if being out of breath and sweat count as a gauge. I started off at 3.0mph for 2 minutes to warm up and then put the machine at 6.1 mph, yes I know that is hardly a sprint but at just over 300 pounds believe me when I say that its enough! I ran one minute on, one minute off for 6 intervals at 1% incline and then finished the remainder of a 20 minute session walking at 3.3 mph on a 3.5% incline. I liked it! I am adding it to my workouts twice per week and will either increase the number of intervals or the speed as I get stronger at it and I am now starting to get myself quite the little repertorie of workouts that I use regularly.

Wednesdays menu.

7:15 AM
2 cups honey combs 220
8oz 1% milk 110

8:30 AM

1 T peanut butter 95

1 banana 105

12:00 PM
1 apple 85


2:30 PM

4oz grilled chicken breast 200

rosemary wrap 100

1/2 oz American cheese 55

onion/tomato 20


5:45 PM
4 slices whole wheat bread 280
2.5oz American cheese 275

1 can green beans
smart balance
diced onion 10

8:15 AM
10oz strawberries 80

A total of 1740 calories for Wednesday which is just about perfect in my book, and I have been upping my fruits and veggies all week because I noticed that I was lacking in that department. Whatever that scale whispers to me in the morning I know that I have done my part this week, if this slight gain stays I feel good about my week, if its a loss, I feel good about the week because in all honesty there was nothing that I didn't do right according to everything that I have done from the get go. My feeling is that its the early in the week weight lifting that's hanging onto some extra fluid weight and once I am not sore any more it will drop down a pound or so and next week I will have a decent sized loss, OR I will have a loss this week, to be found out I suppose.

Tomorrow will be another weigh in for the record book and I am hoping for a loss so that I might be able to post some "what I have lost" images and honestly I am planning on kicking my ass at the gym today and perhaps I will go for a post dinner bike ride as well just for good measure. Making good decisions has become the norm for me and it is inevitable that I am going to come down in weight because I demand it, I insist to my body that it let go of the fat and enjoy the ride that I am taking it on because its just how its going to be and there is nothing that it can do to stop the punishment.

Make sure to pop in and check out the weigh in tomorrow morning because whether its a gain or a loss it will be put out there and into the tracker, will I make that goal of being 300 pounds or under by May 1st? I honestly don't know but what I do know is that I am going to bust my ass trying to get there and that's all that I can do aside from lopping off a limb or something. Thanks for the support and thank you for following along with this fat man getting thin, That's all I got for today.

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  1. Tony, you would definitely get my voite for "Most likely to Succeed" You're doing great.

  2. I was just sitting here alone...overwhelmed...staring at a blue computer screen...thinking I'm gonna end up dead from all this weight...thinking this is a daunting task that is in front of me....Feeling a little numb, I typed in "How to lose 172 pounds... " (seeing that is exactly how much I have to lose)...* hit search*... There was your story. After reading your site...I think I just might be able to do this. A lonely voice in cyberspace says, Thank you....I'm going for a walk. : ) Heck, I'll crawl if I have toooo!

  3. Tony, I've been at the weight loss game a loooooong time, and the scale lies. It does. I'm glad you take that into consideration when you weigh because your actions and your self confidence are what matter most, not the numbers next to your toes! Great job!

  4. I will be looking for the weigh in results tomorrow tony! Good luck!!!!

  5. You know I'll be watching (checking very late in the day, unfortunately).

    Congrats in advance at your upcoming good news.