Friday, April 2, 2010

Release the Kraken! a new challenge is put in front of me.

April 2nd is here and that 300 by today did not happen, ok I am over it and onto the new goal or should I say run at the 200's. This morning the scale said 314.8 pounds three times in a row and that's actually up from last week by .6 but I am pretty sure we won't loiter around that number for too long. It would appear that I need to average 3.7 pounds per week until May 1st if I am going to get to 300 by May 1st and that seems aggressive to me but I suppose when the Kraken gets released its not good news for somebody and the fat is that whatever it is its not good news for the chub.

I have been at this weight loss game for 822 days now and am down 220 pounds in that time, when all is said and done I hope to have lost 50% of my total weight or 267 pounds which will leave me at..well...267 pounds. When I started off I chose a number that coincided with what I thought would be a healthy looking weight for me and I got that number from mt fathers weight, he was 265 pounds at the time and stands 6'1'' tall has a large build and doesn't look so bad at that weight so I figured I am 6'5'', large build 275 will look good. After doing the math I figured out that 267 pounds would give me 50% total body weight lost and I want that least! I think that ultimately I would like to end up around 250 pounds but for now we shall shoot for 275. There is a lot of figuring and calculating with this weight loss for me from my excel spread sheets and weight loss graphs to the percentages lost at each pound lost right on over to the raw pounds lost and in all honesty I think that those numbers help me to stay on track, its sort of a scientific measurement of what I am doing and I can go back and look at that whenever I need/want to because of my meticulous tracking since starting.

Weight loss and better health really is a lifestyle change, so many things have to change in order for it to be successful that it HAS to be a lifestyle change. There are tons of diet plans out there that require a person pay a monthly dollar amount for guidance, pre-packaged meals, counting points, buying special foods, buying pills and all other sorts of things that I feel are unnecessary in today's day and age. I hear about people that have yo-yo dieted all of their lives and tried every pill and plan that came out year after year and spent tons of money and time depending on the "diet industry" to take care of a problem that just needs some K.I.S.S. applied to it for results. I have never bought a diet pill, I have never bought a gimmick diet book or plan, I have never taken pills that make for greasy trips to the toile...well yeah, I have never once paid for special meals prepared in a factory to be delivered to my door, I have never had to resort to a surgery and I have never counted a point yet here I am 220 pounds lighter than I was just 2 years ago, how can that be? Some of those plans work because if they didn't they would not still be around and I know some people that have had great success with a couple of those things including WLS BUT and there's always a but right? I don't believe that a person has to pay someone else to limit their intake when it can be done with some discipline.

Now wait right here Mister Meatball! you make losing weight sound way too easy and you can stick that right in your....No no no, I am not saying that it is easy at all and believe me I know first hand that its not but I literally asked myself one question back in 2008 and the answer is why I did what I did to get where I am now. I was looking for a way out, and I thought that way was to get a weight loss surgery I mean my sister in law looks amazing after her surgery and I have a friend whose father also looks awesome after getting a WLS but what exactly does getting a surgery mean? for me it just meant that someone was going to alter my body in a way that would forcefully limit my caloric intake by making my stomach smaller and it seemed silly to me to have a doctor MAKE me limit my intake when I could just say fuck it and do it myself. I asked myself "Can I really not just eat less and move more?" with that thought I literally changed the way that I looked at food and I started limiting myself to more human sized portions and the weight started falling off.

I have not weighed less than 300 pounds as an adult, the last time that a two graced the beginning of my weight I was roughly 12 years old so not even a teen really and I am a mere 14 pounds from that number right now as I type. I will never weigh less than 200 pounds unless I lose a limb or two but I have a pretty good feeling that I will get to 250 pounds and that is a feeling that I can only imagine because I was a child the last time that I was even close to that weight. Then I think about "could I get down to 234 pounds and make an even 300 pounds lost" and I have to grab myself and drag my ass back into reality and shoot for under 300 pounds for now.

Barring anything semi tragic in my near future I suspect that I will have a pretty successful next couple weeks where the weight loss goes because I am feeling very focused right now. The rain has stopped, the weather is warming up and I am so close to being under 300 pounds that I can taste it. The next challenge has been issued and I am shooting for a 14 pound loss in the month of April, come May 1st I am hoping that I will have a 2 in front of my weight to go with the giant smile that will surely come with that achievement. The kids have no school today and that gives me an opportunity to get out in the yard and get some more work done this morning so that's the end of this longer than usual Friday weigh in post.

If you are reading this and think that you cannot lose the weight that's holding you back without paying out of your ass for special are wrong. YOU can do it if you want it bad enough.

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  1. Yes Tony, anyone can do what we have done...if they want it bad enough. You're right on.

    Keep up the good work! You rock!

  2. You are doing great man! I hope you make your goal. I have the same goal to get to 299 by May 1st but I am only a few weeks into my health kick. I am impressed by your success up to this point.

    Keep on doing what you are doing.

  3. I laughed at 'release the kraken!' - good for you! You're rocking this thing!

  4. Just found your blog -- looking forward to following your journey -- keep up the great work! :-) HAPPY EASTER!

  5. OK, I need to figure out this "Release the Kraken!" thing as my husband keeps running around hour house saying it too! Anyway, I have no doubt at all that you will see a '2' in short order - hopefully by May 1 but if not, I still think you'll get there.