Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey look what just walked through the door..

Sometimes life just happens in a way that nothing can be done about it but hold on and hope that the ride ends well and other times we have to take control and make it go our way. The last week and a half has sucked ass to put it as plainly as I can without getting more into it and to summarize, everything is working itself out and it looks as if the ride ended without too much damage. Now onto that second scenario, you know the one where the 534 pound guy took control and is making it go his way? I have not been on the scale all week until this morning and I am slightly up from my lowest weight which is actually unexpected because I thought it would be WAY up after the week that I had with my devouring everything in sight eating.

Last Sunday my good old back injury from 2000 decided that it was going to intervene in my life for the week and while putting a jar of jalapenos into the refrigerator it almost dropped me to the floor. This is pretty much how the last 10 years has been for me but on a much more frequent basis when I was heavier but it goes to show that no matter how much weight that I drop the most remedial task can get me if I bend just right, er wrong. This is a big part of my misery for the last week though I have had no issues since about Friday of last week with my back there were other things in my equation of torment that were keeping me not interested in basically anything. As you can guess the sore back kept me from the gym and that right there just added to my mood and honestly I learned that once an addict always an addict because turning to extra food jumped right in about mid week, but in my man Forrest Gumps words, That's all I got to say about that..

I got a ton of emails asking if I was ok so thanks for that! yes I am alive! someone asked me that in an email, I suppose that I should have answered that one very quickly as to not reinforce the possibility that I wasn't! This is a blog about a 534 pound guy getting his shit together and dropping 225 pounds so far and still has a way to go before getting to the end of that proverbial weight loss road and not about any personal non weight loss/health hurdles that are in my way. We all have shit to wade through in our personal lives, some deeper and thicker than others but shit none the less so I won't put any of that here as it was never my intention when I started writing this blog, this is about better health and weight loss.

I said once an addict a couple paragraphs up and that goes for my working out as well, I am starting to get miserable because I couldn't/can't work out! I mean bat shit fuckin nuts! I know that I am addicted to the exercise at this point because I am bouncing off of the walls as a result of not being able to do anything past walking when my back was sore and now my daughter gave me a bit of a chest cold thingy that seems to be going away but I am still taking it easy until tomorrow because of that. I am on day 11 of no gym, no bike rides, no anything but a short hike last Friday at a 4 year olds pace and to say that I have a case of cabin fever would be putting it very much too mildly but we will get there again.

My intake has been dragged back to normal and I am drinking enough green tea and H2O again, I am making a couple changes to the program in the coming weeks but I will write more about that later. I should be back to daily posts now so check in tomorrow for another mind boggling episode of as the fat guy turns and remember that sometimes life is gonna kick us in the gut but that doesn't mean that we give up, we may take a break but giving up isn't an option.

As Ever


  1. Tony, Glad you are well, or at least surviving. Your attitude is amazing. I can really relate to the once an addict.... Ijust take it one day at a time. Sometimes one hour at a time. Welcome back.

  2. glad you're back and on your way to a full recovery!

  3. You said it all so very well. Glad you are back.

  4. Sorry to hear you had such a bad week, but awesome that you aren't giving up!

  5. I'm there with ya about going crazy when you can't exercise from an injury. I think this is where we have to dig deep and start to just do our best to deal with that interal anxiety thing going on without eating over it (I still can't manage it all the time). It's a tough one, hang in there Tony. Hope your back is better quickly.

  6. I am so glad to see that you are, indeed, ALIVE Tony :)

    Missed you :)

  7. Sorry to hear you are going through a rough patch. Some day you'll look back and it will be just a small blip in the road...I hope that day comes very soon! I hurt my back and have had excellent success rehabing with a special recumbent bike, at least for cardio. Good luck and take care!