Saturday, April 17, 2010

1730 calories looks just like this right here, yep sure does.

This episode of The 1700 is brought to you by Harvey McDullardsonfengenden and the Jujuberry 7.2 people in an effort to get us in a frame of mind that promotes good eating and more movement in place of miracle diet plans. We will bring you through all the phases of a regular run of the mill day in the life of a fella getting healthy from the inside out. Lets start with an omelet made from 1 whole egg, 4 whites, Jalapeno, red onion, green peppers grape tomatoes, turkey pepperoni and some Asiago cheese with a side of a multi-grain english muffin. If you think that this dish is anything but a big ol pile of yum and more filling than almost any breakfast you need to rethink how you look at food.

Next we have a Zone perfect bar and this was the pre-gym snack? meal? whatever you call it, it had pecans, chocolate and caramel and let me tell ya, yeah let me tell ya. These little beauties run between 190 and 210 calories depending on which you choose and give me the boost that I need to make it through my trip to the gym. This is the point of the day where I am starting to feel like I am a tad hungry and honestly this is the only time of day that I get that feeling but after that omelet I ate it just because I knew that I was going to bust arse in a bit so down she went.

And then there were none...

Post gym meal looked a lot like a Turkey sandwich, an apple and a Yoplait yogurt, oh wait...anyways I am trying to eat bigger lunches lately and saving less calories for dinner ie: later in the day so that I give my body a chance to burn off the calories in the day. Harvey would have eaten this from a blender with 7 scoops of the miracle powder and subtract the apple and yogurt but wait! if you order right now you can have 12 weeks worth of meetings and a workout video that will shape your buns into a perfect rump O steel for free!

Nothing special here, just a few ounces of baby carrots to keep something processing in the gut, Sponge Bob square pants plastic kids bowl $1.45, Bag of baby carrots from the market $2.99, Having those baby carrots taste sweet like candy? Priceless!

Dinner I indulged in something that though I don't eat it often I do eat plenty when I do eat it, that's my chips, choosing something to say that I am addicted to it would be chips. This meal was a can of Tuna with red onion chopped into it served on whole wheat bread with some lettuce and 2oz of Lays light potato chips and I love these because they are cut super thin so it feels like a lot and really helps with that salty urge that I get. This portion of the 1700 is brought to you by the Storm trooper cows as no bovine were hurt, injured or cloned in the making of this post or any of these meals.

There always seems to be a grip of something in my day, its sort of um a tradition? sure, lets call it a tradition. This was 1/2 oz of Turkey pepperoni as I made a pass by the fridge and heard it calling to me, honest I did! and when I opened the door it was being held hostage by a a couple of bad apples and a cornish game hen so I did what I needed to in order to make sure it was safe.

The end of the night came and there was 70 calories left in the daily budget and this Blueberry pie was staring me down so I asked mommy if I could borrow 30 and bamn! I was set to have a nice treat to end my evening by and my day came in at a total of 1730 calories.

Once again I would like to add that 1.25 gallons of green tea went down the hatch throughout the day as well as 1 gallon of H2O, I think that I have again shown that a person CAN have a good amount of food on a budget of around 1700 calories. I will restate that this is a lot of food and if you don't think so you may just want to reconsider the way that you view food because it is merely fuel for our bodies to function on a daily basis.

That's all I got for today.

As Ever


  1. Sherri and I have always fallen prey to the same salty craving of chips. We've found some healthier alternatives that still manage to satisfy that craving.

    Que Pasa Organic Corn Chips with a bit of salsa rocks..... although I completely understand indulging once in a while in the real deal.

  2. Looks like a yummy day, and with a few minor adjustments would fit my 1600 calorie limit. hmmm..... replace the chips with a salad, and that would be the only change I'd need to make.

  3. Awesome day Tony! I need to take some lessons from you. I eat crap, crap, crap and more crap :P

  4. Hey 'ole buddy 'ole pal...
    Glad to see the awesome continued progress!! :) I love taking pictures of the really keeps you holding yourself accountable! I think I need to do that again...
    As always, I'm very impressed with the mere fact that you are still keeping a close eye on what you are putting into your body and that you are keeping in shape! I always feel like such a loser when I read your blog! And, not the kind of loser I want to be, either! HA!
    You may be seeing me on here for a while again. I'm going to start posting again! :)

  5. That is a hearty looking breakfast.

    I mad a similar one the other day. All egg white and then I put some left over chicken stir fry inside of it.

    It was a lot better than I expected it be.


    P.S. Todays comment word verification was "lossniz"

  6. Looking for your post... check in with us.

  7. Tony, your in my thoughts., please check in

  8. I may be Anonymous, but I worry like my little old grandmother (too much). I hope you are okay. I miss you. So. I know it is weird to miss a total stranger, but I do. Even if ya got nuthin much to say, I hope you will give us a heads up. Okay, grandma out.

  9. Starting to worry about the lack of updates...hope everything's fine on the home front!

  10. You're the inspiration! Just found the and I just can't say anything but wow! Well done!

  11. Hope you're okay, dude. Be well.

  12. Tony,
    We are worried about you. I hope all is wel with you and your family. Please check in soon, even it is just a one sentece post letting us know you are okay.

  13. Thanks for the photos! It's great to see visually what 1700 looks like!