Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Menu, a time machine and a bike chain...

When last we met our man on a mission Zeusmeatball, dedication and going for broke was the message conveyed and the plan was to hit the week hard and see what happened come Friday. Saturday morning started out like any other weekend morning but there was a school function for the kids for Easter and I decided to go, as we were getting ready Wify says "You could ride your bike over to the school, it looks nice outside" What a Great idea!! filled my water bottle and asked my son if he would want to ride over with me instead of taking the car with the girls and we were off. Two minutes into the ride I realize that it is way too cold to be moving 20 miles per hour gloveless with nothing more than a hoodie on but kept going and about a mile into the ride I realized that my son was not remotely near me so I circled in an intersection until he caught up. The ride is only about 3 miles one way but there are some pretty good hills on the way that were proving to be hard for the boy to go up without stopping and half way up the last and biggest hill I noticed that my son was no where to be found again so I stopped to wait for him. Around the bend I see him through the trees and as soon as he hit the bottom of the hill he stopped and yelled "I can't do it" so I waited for him to reach my position on the hill and dropped my bike into a lower gear and was going to ride to the top to wait for him to walk up and as I pushed the pedals forward the front wheel popped off of the ground, I pedaled twice and POP! I thought that the chain came off of the crank but it was worse! a link broke so I walked to the top with my son and ended up coasting down the other side to the school, my day was off to a fantastic start...

Lucky for me I had tossed the bike carrier in the trunk of the car and after the school function I loaded our bikes on the car and home we went, I dropped everyone off and ran down to the LBS and bought a new chain and installed it on my bike. Onto the back yard, My yard is a wooded area that at one time was clear and now it is full of small saplings, pricker bushes, shrubs and just lots of over grown crap that makes the area unusable. I have been wanting to get back there and clear the area out since last Spring but it didn't happen before it was full of leaves and poison ivy so wild kingdom it stayed but Saturday that all changed. The area that I was working on is about 50 feet wide and maybe 150 feet long and that's not even close to the entire yard just what I did Saturday, I headed back with some heavy gloves, some clippers, a machete and bad intentions for all of the overgrowth. Four hours later I had a pretty much brush clear area and a brush pile 6 feet tall for my efforts and the yard looks completely different than I have ever seen it and other than being a bit tired and hungry it was kind of fun actually...until later. The wife says "John is getting take out and I just wanted to put that out there" to which I replied "Ok what are we getting?" Doh! what happened to gung ho mister man gonna and I quote "beat the fat into submission" guy?? him? he had thorns in his hands and didn't feel like baking the chicken sitting on the counter. I ended up eating some General Tso's chicken and I opted for the white rice instead of fried, an egg roll and a Sam Adams which was later followed by a gigantico bowl of popcorn with a movie that night, it was not a good day for calories.

Sunday I woke up and my hamstrings felt like they had spent the night in some kind of torture camp, rode hard and put away wet and then beaten a bit more for good measure but I suppose that I should have expected that after 4 hours of being bent over tearing up bushes and saplings eh? I didn't do too much besides a bit of shopping that needed to be done Sunday but had not had a good nights sleep since Thursday and I have been averaging maybe 5-6 hours sleep per night since then. This beating the fat into submission thing that I was shooting for on Friday sure doesn't look like its happening! Here it is Tuesday and I am still very sore on the hams and yesterday at the gym I had to take it easy because I am still sore all over from my Saturday bush work. The plan is to go to the gym again today but I will be taking it easy again and by taking it easy I mean no weights, a slow ride on the bike, yesterday I did 6.15 miles in 20 minutes where I usually do between 7 and 8 in the same time and a 3.1 mph walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes.

Here is a random look at Mondays menu.

7:15 AM
2 cups honey combs 220
8oz 1% milk 110

11:30 AM
1 banana 105
1 T peanut butter 95

2:30 PM
1 can progresso clam chowder 220
1 light multigrain english muffin 100
1oz low fat cheddar cheese 80
smart balance 20

2 bites of cereal 50

6:30 PM
1 cup rice and beans 275
4 oz chicken breast 200

7:45 PM
2 oranges 160

Calorie total for Monday is 1635 but I have to cop to a couple bites of the rice while cleaning up after dinner so it is actually a little more than the 1635 that my spreadsheet shows.

My weight is up and I will not believe that one day of terrible eating over the weekend is to blame completely for that, I have not slept enough, I am sore as all hell AND I did not eat well over the weekend. Sounds like I want to beat that fat into submission eh? it is what it is and I lost the key to my time machine so there is nothing that I can do about what is done so onward I go and eventually I will whittle myself into the size that I want to be.

That's all I got for today.

As Ever


  1. Yard work is killer- I bet your sore muscles are retaining some water. Hubby and I attacked our yard and spent the past week or so on it. I was so sore I showed a gain for a few days followed by a large drop. :)

  2. I bet you couldn't have done all that yardwork a year ago! Sounds like a workout. If you get a chance, take a look at a post that I am doing today on a challenge. Maybe we can cross that 300 figure at the same time!

  3. Youd be surprised how fast fat comes back when you dont pay enough attention to what youre eating ;P

    You're doing a great job Tony. Awesome!