Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I've done my sentence, but committed no crime.

My how time flies when you are having fun! I have had the most god awful cold thanks to my loving daughter and her straight to the face cough last week, or was it Wify with her kiss good bye, either way its been fun. I have missed the gym for about a week now and nothing in the way of exercise has been had by me unless you count the random driveway shovelings last week but I have been flawless with my calories so at least I have that. Because I have a cold is no reason for me to abandon my plan right? I mean I still have to aim for 300 pounds by April 2nd and just in general I want the weight to come off so onward and downward we go.

The plan was to try and hit 315 pounds come Friday which would be a four pound drop from last week but with this cold I was unsure that it would be a possibility, that is until I took a peek at the scale this morning. I won't say what that number was just yet but it was down from Friday and I was expecting an up for sure so I am in a pretty good mood this morning because of that and the fact that the sore throat part of my cold equation is absent. It is only Wednesday but that's like two and a half days until Friday so I may just make it to the gym this week after all at least for one day? depending on how I feel tomorrow morning that is.

Making my way down the road towards that coveted 300 pound mark that once upon a time was so far away I am starting to get excited by the thought of my weight not having a three as the front number. This seems so trivial to me on some level but all at the same time is not even close to trivial to the guy that was once sportin' a five at the front of his weight. To be under 300 pounds is going to be HUGE for me, the last time there was anything lower than a three as my front number I was not even a teenager! "Its only a number and I don't get tied up with the numbers" taking a line from my Grandfather I say to that "Awe horse puckey!" anyone that's lost weight or is losing weight depends on those numbers to let them know that progress is being made so though there ARE other ways to measure progress that number holds much weight.

I picture the morning that the scale reads below 300 pounds to go something like this, I wake up and walk into the living room where my scale currently resides and I look down at its cold lifeless black surface and tap it to get the 00.0 to show on the display. Warm feet contact cold scale as the numbers scroll through from 00.0 to 299.0 and instead of continuing into the 300's a dead stop and then the soft piano music from Freddy's fingers and "We are the champions" plays from out of nowhere. Half way through Mr. Mercurys song Survivor interrupts with "Eye of the tiger" as I slip into my best Stallone impression I yell "Yo Adrian I did it!" while shadow boxing in my Superman boxers in the middle of the living room floor. When the music from nowhere stops, Wify and kids stop laughing and I gain some of my composure back I will make myself some breakfast and business as usual shall resume because I will still have a long road in front of me but the road that is behind me will be longer and I bet it smells a lot like Napalm in my house for a while because that day Victory will be mine.

This trip to being half of the man I once was has been extremely eye opening and very informative to me on many levels, I have finally learned that food is fuel and nothing more and that movement is something that is needed to be healthy and happy. Letting myself get to 534 pounds was something perhaps not entirely in my hands because of a back injury but I did do my part in packing it on thick with the late night food stops at every fast food joint around and I make no excuses for myself with that statement. Just as I was responsible for getting to that 500 plus pound state I will be the one responsible for taking it off and honestly this is an issue that I have had since I was a child as I weigh less now than when I was a Freshman in high school. As my weight comes down and I get healthier I am realizing all of the things that I must have missed out on because of my weight and I am done missing out.

The 200's are right around the corner and I am looking forward to the day.

That's all I got for today.

As Ever


  1. Keep up the good work and you'll be there soon enough.

  2. There should be confetti at least.

  3. I feel you on the cold Tony! I have been sick since the beginning of February and was just at the doc today being told that my walking pneumonia rebounded. Frustrating on this journey especially since that sort of thing puts a stop the exercise. I hope you get your scale wish this week - maybe that will make you feel a little better.

  4. Hope the cold is gone soon. Glad to hear the scale is being kind this week even though you haven't been able to workout like you would like to. I loved your vision of you getting below 300 I look forward to that Friday post which I know isn't to far off. You are doing great. Glad you won't be missing out on anything anymore with the family, me either *smile*.

  5. OMG I really hope your wifey video tapes that to post on youtube ;) Heck when it happens I will put on Superman boxers and do a dance for ya! I am done missing out too! I finally left the 200's behind and plan to NEVER see them again :)

  6. You are already a champion Tony!!!

  7. It's really hard not to put too much emphasis on numbers... everyone does it.

    300 is just around the corner for ya and we're all rooting for you.

    Hope you ditch the cold soon.

  8. I love your vision of your under 300lb WI :)

  9. Yeah,'re getting there! Good for you for staying on your eating plan. That 299 is right around the corner.

  10. amazing! If anyone can do it, it's you!