Thursday, March 11, 2010

K.I.S.S. and I ain't talkin about Gene Simmons.

Watching the scale can drive me insane at times because I just don't understand what the hell is going on inside my body going off of the weights from day to day. Because of the bad food weekend that I had last week I have been on the scale every day just to watch the fluctuation and its been steadily going down since Monday and I was hoping to get back to that 315 pound mark by tomorrow and have been doing everything right as far as following my plan. Yesterday morning I weighed 316.2 pounds and that was the lowest point all week and for a Wednesday was a good weight and I thought that I should get below 315 by tomorrow with a 316 mid week, its how it usually works out but then this morning I get on and the scale said 318.4 pounds. Yes I know that fluctuation is fluctuation but I ate 1800 calories on the nose yesterday, went to the gym and got in 45 minutes of cardio half of it was bike riding at a good pace with the treadmill being a mild walk @3.2 mph 3.5% grade but how can that equate to an up?

This is not a race to get to a certain weight so I am not worried about it but man! I am going to chalk this one up to the health gods standing in the corner of the room looking at me with a shrug and a look on their faces like "ya shouldda passed on that grinder last weekend bub" but then again I may be premature with my conclusion and I will be lighter that I think tomorrow morning. Something else that I am thinking more about is the fact that my workouts at the gym have been pretty for lack of a better word intense and maybe I should be eating more on the days that I workout which is every day because I am working out harder now than I have during this whole process. An average of an hour of cardio per day along with weight lifting at least 3 days per week is what I do lately and that doesn't seem like too much to me at all and I feel that I could do more but don't because I run out of time but once upon a time 15 minutes on a stationary bike 4 times per week was doing the trick. I don't want to start over thinking things at this point so I won't, eat less move more has always been how I roll and I am down 219 pounds doing so and I am going to stay with that plan but its weeks like this one that I gotta wonder.

My plan from the beginning has always been to eat what I want to as long as I stay within a calorie range, drink lots of H2O and green tea while exercising daily or K.I.S.S Keep it simple stupid, and this is still the plan to a point. I try now to eat as many whole foods as I can without obsessing over it and the exercise has been kicked up a bit because I am less limited now by my weight and I still drink like a fish but basically I am doing the same thing that I was in the start of this. My goal is to get down to a healthy weight and live a long happy life and so far so good on the plan so getting hung up on an erratic week where the raw weight is concerned isn't gonna happen, and who knows, I may actually get a new low weight this week after all. I know that there is no way I could have gained 2 pounds from yesterday to today so maybe I am retaining something somewhere but again I am not going to over think it, wait am I over thinking it? I keep going back to that so um yeah I just gotta remember keep it simple stupid and let it go.

Whatever that scale tells me in the morning is what it is and that's all that it is which is the next week in a row of weeks that have lead me to this point in the process, wow say that 5 times fast. I am looking at 22 more days until my line in the sand will be stepped over and we see if I made that 300 pound mark by April 2nd and the closer it gets the more I think I will be close but no cigar on that number, to be found out still I suppose. Weight loss sure is a fickle bitch and sometimes it does what it likes no matter what we do to beat it into submission and then there are other times that it just falls off like dead leaves on an autumn tree but time and willpower proves the strongest beast in that fight so that's where my money is going.

Tomorrow we weigh in and that weight gets recorded, will it be a loss? perhaps a gain? maybe break even? oh my! you will have to check in with tomorrows post to find out where the next chapter of as the fat guy turns heads.

Until then make the best choices that you can, you owe it to yourself.

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  1. Fluctuations really suck.

    I weigh myself every morning around the same time and on the day of announcing my weekly results I add up my weight for the 7 days & divide it by 7. I find this to be a more accurate reflection of my progress.

    There's nothing worse than stepping on the scale at the end of a hard fought week only to see the scale fluctuate up on that one day..... OR.... having it fluctuate down padding your results and making the next weeks results look mediocre when it bounces back up.

    I've also found that having a scale that tracks my Body Fat % also helps because as long as my Body Fat % is heading south the weight really doesn't matter as much..... Plus knowing my weight & body fat % allows me to calculate my lean body mass to ensure that my workouts & weight loss are targeting body fat & not at the cost of muscle mass.

    I've read a few articles this week that recommended getting 20g of protein before & after a workout.... here's one of them:

    I think your doing awesome.

    Your April goal is gonna be challenging, but it's definitely not unachievable.

    Sorry for the long winded comment. I hope the rest of your week goes as planned.

  2. I think muscles retain water after an intense workout as part of the repair process. I know whenever I weigh myself the morning after a hard workout or the day(s) after skiing my wt is up. If I don't exercise at all for a day my wt will be down the next morning. It is frustrating but it's the average wt loss going down that matters.

  3. I'm in...I'll be reading tomorrow, as always. Good luck! (I am guessing you'll be at 315.)

  4. The fluctuations can be maddening. Keep going. Thats all you can do :) I love Gene Simmons, by the way. Spent a lot of time with him and Kiss back in the day. :)