Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cajun Salmon and some random thoughts for day 802.

This weekend is not exactly turning out how I wanted it to, I was suppose to go out on a date with Wify Friday night and because of a situation outside of my control it didn't happen, not that it would have been too much fun because I have a new cold yay! My daughter came home from school with a head cold and I got it! I couldn't taste anything at all almost all day yesterday so a dinner date for Sushi probably wouldn't have been all that satisfying anyhow. I am feeling better than yesterday right now so hopefully this doesn't hang around too long but I am staying well within my calorie range I am not getting much cardio in because of the stuffy head. on the other hand. I came in way low on calories for yesterday because I had saved up for the date but I wasn't very hungry anyways so no big loss really.

I did play with dinner tonight and yes I know that I am not suppose to play with my food but I wanted to change my sides up a bit so I made a seasoned rice and topped it with some sauteed zucchini and yellow onion to have with the Salmon fillets that I made. I seasoned the Salmon with a very light shake of a Cajun spice that I picked up a while back and let me tell you I will be making this whole dish just as is again because it was very good. Making meals that taste as good as stuff that I would get in a restaurant really makes me feel like I am cheating at this whole weight loss thang, seriously. I eat better now than I ever have and the food taste so much better than the over seasoned crap that I use to eat when I was 500 plus pounds its unbelievable that I ever liked that other processed stuff. I snapped a picture of my plate before digging in and of course got the standard "Dada how come you like to take pictures of your food?" from my daughter she will some day read my blog and see why I took all of those photos and will be able to read all about how her Pops took his life back. This entire plate which consisted of 3/4 cup of the rice, 3/4 cup of the zucchini and onions and 7oz of the Salmon only cost me 480 calories and of course I had a nice big glass of green tea with it.

Cajun Salmon and sauteed zucchini with rice, 480 calories for the entire plate.

Rollin with this in lieu of being sick all week because I have to, This year will be the year that I hit my fitness goals and get down to that once seemingly unattainable 275 pounds and below I will go. I use to wonder if I was going to be able to get where I wanted to with my weight loss, I use to look at that goal number and think "Man that's a shit ton of weight to drop, is it even possible?" and these days I have completely changed the way that I see that goal, I am going to make that goal and even surpass it. Throughout my life I tried to lose weight and did lose some here and there but in all honesty looking back at it I was half ass-ing 90% of those attempts and all I needed to do was put 100% into it and look at what can happen. I am that pain in the ass who carries his scale around, I am that guy that when I head over you say "I am making chicken and corn on the cob does that work for you? should I make yours a different way?" and I don't care that I am that fellow, its what I need to get where I am going.

Saying that I am that pain in the ass with the scale is not always the case though either, I do have a beer with the neighbor from time to time, I do eat pizza and I do go out to eat at restaurants because that's just life and its going to happen. I literally just watch portion control and make sure that what I am eating is cooked the way I need it to be in order to make my calorie balance and that's it for the food. I have said this before and I am going to say it again, I am not special and contrary to popular belief I do not have any super powers when it comes to eating or exercising. I am just a fat guy that had enough of watching life happen around him while his waistline grew uncontrollably, perhaps one day I will not see myself as a fat guy but I am not there just yet folks I suppose that chapter is waiting to be written.

You can do this just like I am and many others out there that took their life by the horns and decided to live. Thanks for following along while I literally change my life and know that all of the support is more than appreciated.

That's all I got for tonight.

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  1. Wonderful looking plate of food. I love salmon as long as it is truly fresh. I'll eat the previously frozen stuff, but it never has the same texture or buttery flavor of fresh. I too keep a good variety of spice mixes on hand for my proteins. I think sauces are just too difficult to make healthy and tend to cover up the natural flavors.

  2. Good message and that food looks good.

    Thanks for the help today. I got my head right, ate light, but smart and came in at my calorie goal. Also, got an hour ride in.

  3. I just binged on cereal. Ugh. None of us is perfect Tony :) Sorry to hear about your head cold! Ugh. Feel better. And keep on. That's all ya can do :)