Wednesday, March 24, 2010

100 best blogs for weight loss support? moi? and a project oh dear!

This week has been interesting because as I was coming off of my being sick with a fever and just plain old feeling terrible my daughter now has it so I have not had much free time where I was feeling up to par. Getting to the gym has not happened in about a week and that time was coming off of being sick as well so to say that I have not exercised much in the last two weeks is an understatement that I am not happy about. Monday did not afford me a chance to go to the gym and neither did yesterday but I am planning to get out there tonight after dinner as my daughter is home from school sick again today so going earlier than that is an impossibility. I have been eating like I am maintaining this week and its partially because I am coming off of being sick and I was eating slightly more for no real reason other than I am home more so wandering aimlessly throughout the house bored. Sunday I was a decent amount over on my calories as I did not write them into my spreadsheet, I was eating because I was on the run all day but when I added them up at the end of the day I was around 2200 for the day, otherwise I have not gone over 1800 calories per day and have done ok.

Exercise, I mentioned that I haven't been to the gym in a long while but that's not to say that I have had zero exercise because I have done some. It has been simply gawjus around here all week and I did get in a couple bike rides, a few walks and on Saturday I spent about 3 hours cleaning up the yard in our garden beds but I don't like calling things that I need to do regardless exercise. I also picked up a new project over the weekend in the form of an older mountain bike that I got off of Craigslist for the low low price of $0.00! its a 1988 Specialized Rockhopper comp with all Shimano Deore components and other than needing a good scrubbing, some new cables, tires and tubes its in pretty decent shape. The size is somewhere between Wify and me but closer to her size and I am planning on fixing it up so that she can ride it around BUT I do like it so it may be a dual purpose 2 owners kind of bike because I am greedy like that and like I said I like it!

She is no beauty contest winner but that won't be the case for long if I have anything to say about it.

A shot of the biopace crank just for fun.

In my email box I found a message from a fellow named Ken who is with saying that I was included in their article for the "100 best blogs for weight loss support" and I am humbled by that! seriously. They have it set up into categories like "Those losing weight", "Those who have lost their weight" and "Coming back from Obesity" which is the category they put my blog into, along with a few more categories and I see a couple familiar blogs but I also see some that I haven't read yet and am planning to go through and read a few. I started this blog back in 2008 so that I would have a place to post my progress and have some accountability that was just kind of out there floating around in the virtual space of the internet and for someone to think that my blog belongs on a list of the 100 best for weight loss support really floors me. Knowing that other people find what I am doing helpful is something that I honestly never thought about when I started this blog, I started it for me, I still write it for me but I have to admit that the fact that other people read this blog and can take something out of it is an awesome thing for me. I know that losing weight, getting and staying healthy is not a simple thing for most of the people that try, me included and if I can be of some help even to one person trying to get healthy than that is a rock solid reason for me to write this blog every day on top of my original reasons, and again I am absolutely humbled by that idea.

This week I believe that I will see a slight gain in my weight from last weeks weigh in but its not something that I am worried about even slightly as I am getting back to the gym tonight and will beat the fat into submission once again. I know that I am up in weight as of this morning because well I am a scale addict and I check in almost daily with Hariet my scale just to have a baseline for each day. I have also found in my email box as well as some comments over the past few weeks a couple of requests to share my menus once again on the blog so I will try and get some of them posted again in future posts as I do enjoy doing that as well and if there is a request for them why not right? With the passing of my whatever it was that had been ailing me its back to business as usual for me and I am planning on easing back into the gym so that I don't over work anything right off the bat. Tonight he plan is to ride the bike for 25 minutes followed by a trot on the arc-trainer and a walk on the treadmill but I will stay away from the weights for tonight adding them back in when I return to my earlier in the day workouts when the kiddo is feeling better.

For today, thats all I got so keep on keepin on and all that, I shall return again tomorrow morning with the next episode of as the fat guy turns.


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  1. Congratulations my friend on making that list! Everytime you blog about your bike---I tell myself...I'm getting a bike! I hope to have one by the end of the month!!!

    My best always

  2. Way to go on the list!!! I know I have followed you for some great inspiration.

    Ausome on the bicycle too. I just got a 2009 Raleigh Venture bicycle a few days back. If your curious I put pics up in a post titled something like "the hill" I think a couple posts back.

    I'm hoping that the bike is really going to take me to new places in my fitness adventure.

    I'm planning to do a bike-a-thon coming up on may 8th in Hollis NH and I've just started building up for it. I have no idea where you live but if it's close maybe you should try to go for it too? I'm only daring to do the ten mile version. It's my first ride in a bike-a-thon.

    I'm not trying to shamelessly plug here but if you want to read that its at

    being a heavy guy there is nothing like bicycle riding and swimming for me... it's just so freeing.

    You earned that top 100 spot with some great modivating posts.

    At Foolsfitness we hope to get it in gear as well!- Alan

  3. Hope you start feeling better really soon Tony!

    I love my bike, too. We should ride together someday!