Friday, March 12, 2010

Mother Fluctuation

As expected I am up in weight this morning so no new what I have lost images but I am not really worried about it because as long as I am doing what I need to do I will get where I need to. Other than the weekend I did great this week with work outs and my intake BUT I did wake up this morning with a stuffy head and my sinuses are all wonky so perhaps one of the greatest parts about having children strikes again and being sick is screwing me up on the scale. These weeks happen on this road to a healthier body so I won't worry too much about it and the plan is lots of fluid today to try and kick this head cold before it can get a good foot hold and I will be skipping the gym today as well because I cannot breathe through my nose currently. I am up by almost two pounds this week 1.8 to be exact I came in at 316.4 pounds which means that my April goal is looking more and more like its not going to become a reality, I have no doubt that I will get below 300 pounds in the month of April just not by the 2nd.

I am in fact starting to think that I will need to adjust my calories a bit and I mentioned to my wife that I am kind of scared to do it, my exact words were "I know how to do 1700 calories, I know how to bust ass working out and I know how to drink enough fluid to support that, what I don't know how to do yet is adjust things upwards" which is what I believe I need to do with my calories. Throughout this whole process I have eaten a target of 1700 calories per day and I can pretty much get those in without thinking about it these days but when I start going over I get all backwards and start panicking that I ate too much. I started out a 534 pound guy eating 1500 calories doing minimal exercise 15-20 minutes on a bike and adjusted up to 1700 calories very early in the game and have stayed there pretty much the entire time with the intake and here I am now a 315 pound guy doing almost an hour of cardio per day at a minimum of 5 days per week along with weight lifting 3-4 days per week and still at that same 1700 calories.

At 500 pounds I was likely burning more calories just by living than I am at this weight but I am more active now, I am very likely burning more these days because of all of the extra activity and I think an adjustment may be needed. But but but! I lost 4 pounds 2 weeks ago! and last week was 4 pounds with no trip to the gym at all! and now this week I am up?? ahhh but you were sick last week and now sick again today my good man! see why I am unsure?! My doctor says that I am doing everything right and that I should stick to my 1700-1800 calories and keep up the exercise and I feel the same way on most days but then when I get an up week like this and I start over analyzing everything and forget my K.I.S.S attitude like I mentioned in yesterdays post but but but.... Its easy to say that as long as I keep advancing in my fitness goals that I should stay with this but the fact remains that I am still teetering between a 2xl and 3xl shirt size and neither one of those is small! granted I am probably in a 2xl and just need to get use to shirts fitting me correctly but still I am not small by any means of the word and I do have a good amount of weight left to lose.

Making good choices with my food and getting some movement into every day has gotten me where I am today so its hard to change the program up. Might I be over thinking this because of a random up? very likely and when I kick this new head cold Thanks kiddos! things may very well go back to normal and the pounds will drop again. That's that and today's episode of Fatman and Blobbin has ended with a slight up, a new cold and the end of another week, I am now 16 pounds from my April goal and than means 5.3 pounds per week will need to get kicked to make that goal. Crazier things have happened and I can still get there, can't I? I suppose thats to be found out BUT I can tell you this, if I go at it with a defeated attitude I won't get anywhere close and if I go at this thinking that I can do it I may just have a chance, there see thats better right?

Thanks for following along and that's all I got for today.

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  1. Because you have still seen pretty constant weight loss leads me to believe that you just had an off week. I don't think it is time to change it yet. You would probably see more of a leveling off - maintained weight - when it comes time to change things up.

    If you were to up your calories - be intentional with when you put them in. Let them work best for you body -- for example...pre-workout meal and post workout replenishment.

    I don't believe its time though.

  2. You know I could ramble on about this subject but we all have our own plan. I say though if you do want to up your calories make it lean protein and do it in increments like 100-200 this week and then see how it goes. I know hubby was eating 2400-2600 a day, working out 3-4 hours a week (just cardio) and losing about 2-3 lbs a week. I think it's about revving up the metabolism.

  3. I experienced a similar thing and boosting my calories to 2000 seemed to work for me.

    Going upwards was easy, I stuck to pretty much the same food as before and started eating nuts.

    15g almonds
    15g cashews
    30g sultanas

    = 250-300 calories.

    I'm also now going to switch out some of my calories to allow for protein shakes. A 30g serving of whey is ~120 calories, so 2/day would be another easy+healthy calorie boost.

  4. Our bodies don't operate on 24 hour cycles or 7 day cycles. Fluctuations can be linked to changes happening across long expanses of time. Listen to your intuition. You can trust yourself.

  5. 2 things. I don't see how upping your calories is going to make you lose weight faster. Second, you should start weighing yourself daily. Do it at the same time every day (first thing in the morning is best). Track your daily weight and also your 5 or 7 day average. The average will show you your trend (whether or not you are going up or down). Contrary to popular belief, I think weekly weighing is more discouraging to dieters. If you can see your trend it helps a lot to dispel all the confusion about what is really happening. There are a lot of online tools that can do this for you, or you can use Excel or another spreadsheet program (Open Office and Google Documents are both free and excellent, I use Google Documents), or just go with the old-fashioned pen and paper. I read a lot on you blog about your confusion and discouragement about your weekly weigh-ins and I think switching to daily would help you a lot!