Thursday, March 25, 2010

The return of the gym.

Today will be my return to the gym as I did not make it last night because of something not in my control and I am itching to get on the bike again. I watch The biggest loser each week and this week they had the contestants do a challenge which required them to ride 26.2 miles on a stationary bike and I immediately said to wify "If I was on the show I would win this one for sure" and then I thought about something, I can do that challenge at the gym! So after I get reacquainted with the gym I will ride for the same 26.2 miles and compare my time with the times from the show because I gots to know. With the weather warming up and the street sweeper having come by and cleared all of the sand from my tiny hilly road I see lots of bike rides on my actual bike in my very near future and I do think that I will be going to the gym and then later in the day taking bike rides so I will be getting more exercise than I have been. My son got a new bike for Christmas, Wify has a bike and I have mine of course and I am thinking about getting a tag along bike for my daughter so that she can come with us on our rides as she loves her bike but is still on training wheels and cannot keep up, so like I said, lots of rides in my future!

Lets talk about my weight for a moment, I am up in weight this week but I totally expected that as last week I was full on sick with a fever in the days leading up to my weigh in and have a feeling that it was falsely low because of that, we will see where that wheel stops tomorrow when I weigh in. In addition to the being under the weather last week and the beginning of this week I have not been exercising at all and honestly have been eating slightly more than my calorie allowances about 50% of the time since about Saturday by about 100-150 calories. The way I see it is that things happen that are not optimal and I react to those things differently every time just like most people do, just because I am on a road to better health and weight loss does not mean that I cannot have weeks where I don't exercise and eat more no matter how little more it is. Truth be told I am still not 100% where feeling not sick goes and I am still a tad sluggish but no fever, no coughing, no aches etc etc etc and that is mainly why I am not worried about any up that I am seeing on the scale right now, it WILL be beaten into submission in the coming weeks.

Being more than comfortable in a 315 pound body is an odd feeling for me as when I began down this better health path any weight with a three in front of it did not seem comfy to me in thought, yet here I am. I am not limited right now to what I can or cannot do and I have not felt limited in quite some time and some people may disagree that I am not limited but there is nothing in life that I am missing out on because of weight at this point in time. Last week we made an impromptu stop at an Applebees for dinner as it was getting late and I got the 500 calorie steak dinner that they offer but while we were sitting there I said to wify "I was hoping that we got a booth" and she just smirked. I thought about what I had said and could not remember the last time that thought was even close to something that I would have wanted and in my head I thought about how things have changed for me in the last 2 years. I have lost more than 200 pounds so far and have kept that weight off for going on a year now and still going, I know that I will never be back in the wrong side of the tracks where my health and weight are concerned because this side is a lot more fun.

From 534 pounds to a complete turn around in my health is what I have done to date and I am not even close to finished, I have things that I want to do and goals to be met and no one will stop me from getting there.

As Ever

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  1. What you have done is amazing. More so than most people will ever accomplish in their lifetime, so you should be proud!

    I think the cycling goal is great. My wife and I watched the same show and we both looked at each other and knew that I could do that ride right now, but now I am wondering how long it took them. I have two races in the next four weeks that are 26-27 miles and my intent is to push myself as hard as I can. I'll let you know how I do.